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Learn more about our sustainable ground screw and screw pile foundation solutions in our case studies, explore their various applications, or download our brochures and documentation below.

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Discover our full range of efficient, low-carbon screw pile foundations and industry-leading installation and load-testing equipment here on our site, in our brochure, or give our friendly team a call, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Product information

Ground Screw Machines

• Ground Screw Starter Kits

• RDX 4.0 Ground Screw Machine

• RDX 7.0 Ground Screw Machine

Load Testing Equipment

• RADIX 120kN Tensile Test Kit

• RADIX 150kN Compression Test Kit

Solar Racking Systems

RADIX SolarMount Racking System

• RADIX SolarTerrace Racking System (coming soon)

• RADIX SolarTripod Racking System (coming soon)