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BESS – Battery Energy Storage Systems on Screw Foundations

At RADIX, we deliver a turnkey solution for BESS projects. Our state-of-the-art screw piles are quickly and securely installed to deliver strong and cost-effective foundations for your battery storage units, helping you to meet deadlines and budgets.

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BESS | Screw pile foundations

A groundbreaking solution for the foundations of Battery Energy Storage Systems

RADIX offers a complete all-in-one solution for your battery storage project, from project design and planning to ground testing and installation of our specially designed helical screw piles.

We design, manufacture, and install bespoke structural platforms to safely secure your batteries, PCS units, inverters, transformers, auxiliary units, substations and more.

Why use us for your BESS project? Speed, Efficiency, Sustainability, Quality, and Value

Our process significantly reduces program lengths, allowing you to control your program schedules and operate faster.​

  • Full project planning, design, and load-testing services
  • Fast installations reduce program lengths by 50% compared to concrete
  • Hit your milestones and energise your BESS project faster
  • Reduce costs by avoiding heavy excavations, removal of spoils, and large piling mats.
  • Elevated platforms provide easy access to install BESS units, increase flood prevention, and offer natural cooling
  • Individual Screw piles can instantly hold 75kN upwards
  • Install your battery units on site sooner and secure them immediately
  • Avoid costly delays due to bad weather or challenging ground conditions

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BESS | Foundation solutions

What sets RADIX apart from the competition for BESS projects?

  • RADIX is the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of screw piles, with experience installation teams and depots across the country. This allows us to react faster to your needs, especially if you are on strict timelines.
  • We are the market leader in screw pile foundations for all scales of solar and battery storage projects, handing over these renewable projects on time and within budget across the UK and abroad. With this track records, you can trust in our expertise!
  • ​Our design and planning service, allows you to focus on other important elements of your project, as we have everything in hand.​
  • Our experience allows us to instantly make recommendations and pivot quickly to a better solution for you. Many issues can arise with foundation work, but we know how to deal with them.

Supply & Installation Enquiry

A complete service for companies and contractors involved in BESS projects

From the moment we engage with you about your project, you will find our team to be informative, friendly, and professional.

As the leading ground screw and screw pile company in the UK, our goal of a net-zero future is a top priority, so our continued focus on delivering results for green energy companies is high on our agenda.

We offer project design and planning, site surveys and load-testing, and a highly experienced installation team with the most modern equipment to install our cutting-edge helical screw pile foundations.

Ground screws and screw piles | Load testing equipment

Site Surveys & Load Testing

We can provide the empirical data on which ground screws and screw piles are specified for your project.

Ground screws and screw piles | Project design and planning

Project Design & Planning

Our experienced team can help design the foundations and structural base to meet your project specifications.

Screw piling | BESS | RADIX | UK

Screw Piling

Our highly experiences screw piling division is ready to help you with any commercial project.

Screw piling | Battery energy storage system projects

Installing battery energy storage systems on our strong and sustainable foundations

Once we understand your full project requirements, we’ll be able to deliver an efficient, robust, and sustainable foundation solution for your battery energy storage system.

  • Contact us to discuss your BESS project
    Engage with us and supply us with as much information as possible about what you are building, the site location, ground conditions, access points, etc
  • We analyse your BESS project and create a plan
    Once we understand your project requirements, our team will create a project plan and issue a preliminary quotation and our project terms.
  • Design and planning the best solution for your foundations
    We carry out site surveys, load testing calculations, and gather all the information we need from you and other sources to design your foundations. We document everything and update quotes if required.
  • We manufacture bespoke steel frames if required
    If your project requires us to add steel structural bases to support the units we will manufacture these.
  • Installing the screws and steel frames
    Using our state of the art screw piling machinery, the screw foundations are installed. The alignment and heights are constantly checked. Documentation is constantly updated.
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems are mounted
    Once the foundations are in, you can instantly load the battery units on top

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BESS project case studies

At RADIX, we have installed our screws and bespoke structural platforms for BESS projects across the United Kingdom, and we’re also excited to be supporting renewable energy projects abroad.

Have a look at our other renewable energy case studies.

BESS | Strong and Sustainable Foundations | RADIX

The most sustainable foundations you can use for your BESS project

Using RADIX’s helical screw piles for your foundations is better for the environment, with a screw pile foundation releasing on average 60% less embodied carbon (CO2e) than a concrete plinth, while also cutting your programme times significantly.

Save time, money, and protect the world for future generations.

Screw Piles vs. Concrete