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Project Design & Planning Service

A full turnkey solution from the initial call to the completed installation of your screw foundations. We will help design and plan the optimum solution for your project’s foundations.

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Foundations | Project design and planning | RADIX

Project design and planning solutions for the foundations of any structure

In addition to site surveys and load testing, plus our installation services, we offer a full project design and planning service, no matter the size of your project. Whether it is a large-scale BESS project or a challenging holiday lodge in a hard-to-reach location, we treat every client and their needs the same. We have a solution for all applications that will be placed on screw foundations.

After our initial engagement and basic project analysis and information gathering, we begin the comprehensive collaboration of all our collected data.

Our process starts with a design brief, structured like a checklist, where we systematically address key elements such as the project’s address, Ground Investigation (GI) information, and any additional ground or structural data. If certain information is missing, we collaborate with your team or use online or additional professional and technical resources to obtain relevant local data, such as borehole records, underground utilities, etc.

The design phase involves integrating data from our surveys, client-provided information, and external resources. Our primary objective here is to create a ground screw or screw pile design solution that is specifically tailored to support the structure being constructed above it which leads to a smooth installation.

  • Analysing site conditions

    We assess potential soil heave and understand any lateral loads, considering factors like high wind conditions and whether the structure involves concrete, steel, or timber elements.​

  • Screw specifications

    We determine the appropriate specifications for either the type of ground screw or screw pile needed, including their diameter, length, and the size of the flights, incorporating a safety factor for added assurance.

  • Structural integrity checks

    If we’re installing a steel structure above, we will run the steel calculations making sure there is no bending in the steel, that the bolt connections are good and the relevant calculations that go to that piece of steel.

Upon completion, we produce a detailed 20-page design document. This document outlines the required specifications for screws and any additional materials like steel, timber, or concrete. It includes data sheets for the screws and a comprehensive list of other relevant details. This document will give you a clear understanding of the design and the next steps.

In some instances, particularly for high-risk projects, we revise the initial budget quotation based on the finalized design. This allows us to provide you with a precise cost estimate.

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The entire journey to build your foundations


  • Receive enquiry: We receive your project information and delegate it to the appropriate expert.
  • Initial review: We check for missing information and contact you to understand your project fully.
  • Budget estimation: We provide you with a provisional budget.

Survey and testing

  • Initial deposit: We ask for a deposit to cover our initial expenses and the on-site work we will be carrying out.
  • On-site survey: We conduct a site survey and do the load-testing, which includes point load/pull tests, and gather the necessary data we will need to design an optimised solution.

Design and planning stage

  • Data collation: We compile all the data from surveys, client information, and external resources.
  • Screw design: We undertake the design work, considering various factors like soil heave, lateral loads, and structure type.
  • Safety and compliance checks: We must ensure all designs meet safety standards.
  • Finalise design document: Our team will prepare a comprehensive design document and update the quotation if necessary.

Bespoke design and manufacturing (if applicable)

  • Client collaboration: If your project is requiring a bespoke screw design or base design, or it has unique conditions that require us to deviate from the norm, we will design a solution that fits your needs. We will work closely with you to find the best solution.
  • Solution development: Once we have a plan, we will leverage our design and manufacturing experience to create a custom solution.


  • Efficient process: Our highly experienced installation teams will carry out the ground screw foundations or for larger projects screw piling may be the solution. Whatever screw foundation we use, it will be completed quickly, efficiently and to the highest of standards. Your foundations will be strong, secure and cost-effective.
  • Quality checks: Throughout the installation, we perform various quality checks.
  • Documentation: Every project receives quality documents, including pile logs and ‘as built’ records.


  • Final reporting: When we are ready to hand over the project to the next team, we provide you with all necessary documentation and quality checks.
  • Permit to load: We issue a permit to load, assuring you of the foundation’s readiness for further construction.

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Helical screw piles | Installations | RADIX

Helical screw piles for projects with extra demands

Screw piling is typically required when we need to go deeper into the ground, the structure will be placed on sloping ground, or the load capacity of the structure demands a deeper, stronger and extendable screw like RADIX helical screw pile.

Whether you are building battery energy storage systems, holiday lodges or foundations for houses, SIP buildings or a new house extension, our team are ready to help you.

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