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RADIX is the UK’s largest supplier and installer of ground screw piles, the low-carbon foundation solution that is revolutioning construction projects of all scales and complexities.

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Low-Carbon UK Ground Screw Piles
We believe the future of construction must be efficient and sustainable.

We combine years of construction, engineering and manufacturing knowledge with new and existing technologies to produce effective, low-carbon base systems that positively impact our environment.

Our professional ground screws and extendable screw piles are capable of supporting all scales of projects across key sectors and infinite applications.

We are working in three key areas to build a net-zero future, collaborating with partners to deliver:

  • industry-leading ground screw pile foundations
  • powerful installation and testing equipment
  • an installation service that is second to none

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screw piles for lodge foundations over waterways installing ground screws

Why choose ground screws for the foundations of your next project?

  • screw piles access hard to access areasOvercome hard-to-access areas and make off-grid projects possible.
  • ground screws level sloping groundBring up levels quickly over sloping, uneven, and soft ground.
  • install screw piles in all weatherAvoid costly project delays, installing all year round and in any weather.
  • low-impact screw pile installationAvoid the need for excavations, removal of spoils, or pouring any concrete.
  • save time, money, and the environmentSave time and hassle on your projects, and protect the environment.

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Efficient and Eco-Friendly

How do our ground screw piles save time and positively impact the environment?

Carbon Footprint
Our ground screw piles contain 81% less embodied carbon (CO2e) than an equivalent concrete base.
Ground screw piles can be installed 70% faster than concrete and are ready to build on immediately.
Experience zero costly delays with ground screw piles, installing all year round and in any weather.