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Solar Farms

RADIX Ground Screws are the perfect foundation solution for solar arrays, used in small or large solar farms and parks. They are a rapidly installed, cost-effective solution that speeds up your project schedule.

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Solar farms | Solar panel ground mounting systems

Trust our experience in building strong foundations for your solar farm project

At RADIX, we work with solar companies, solar car park companies, solar power companies, contractors, solar farm developers, and many others to help them get their solar projects up and running.

We predominately work with UK and Irish Solar companies, and recently we have started to supply green energy projects in Asia and Europe, and for new solar farm projects in the Middle East.

Solar farm construction projects have many challenges. You need to have a qualified partner with experience to help you. We have a variety of solar racking systems, and we are the largest ground screw stockist in the UK, so supply is never an issue.

All you need to decide is whether it is just the foundations you want us to do or a complete solution including solar racks.

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Ground-mounted solar panels | Reviews of our racking solutions

Our full service solution speeds up the launch of your solar farm project

At RADIX, we offer a full service, that is streamlined to get solar farms installed quickly, and cost-effectively.

Use any of our services or all of them, from the site surveys and load testing, project design and planning, and installations, or just buy from us what products you need and do the installations yourself.

Our design and planning team will help you from the moment we know your solar project’s details right up to the final ground anchors going in, with our solar mounting systems if you are using them.

​Our experienced team of installers can install multiple racking systems in a single day for ground-mounted solar panels, and we have the manpower and machinery to ramp up installation, no matter the size of the solar park. Challenging soft or rocky ground conditions, sloped land, difficult access… We can deal with these obstacles easily and quickly.​

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Our installation process for solar farms

Start by getting in touch and tell us about your solar farm project

Contact us with information on your solar farm project, its location, size, and other technical information. No matter the size, location, difficulty level or timeline, we can help you get your solar project completed and ready for operation. It will help to see your solar farm planning permission.

We analyse your energy project and create a plan

Our team review the needs for your solar farm and whether you are wanting just the foundations, or our ground-mounted solar panel systems as well. Alternatively you may want to just buy our products and do your own installations. We agree on the best way forward for your solar park.

Solar farm site inspection and ground preparation

We tailor a custom solution for your solar panel farm, do all the design and planning, site inspections, load testing and other relevant processes that culminate in the installation process. Our solar installation teams are highly experienced in all types of solar mounting solutions, in various terrains and conditions.

Screw choice and installation of them

Once we are sure of the exact plan, and all obstacles, if any, have been overcome, The correct screws are chosen. These will be quickly installed by our experience team using the latest and best ground screw machines. Our team can rapidly install hundreds of screws in a single day, making sure they are perfectly level and ready for the solar mounting systems.

Ground-mounted solar panel racks are added

Whether you are using one of our three solar array racking systems, or we are using yours, we can help mount them onto the screw foundations, or let your team take over here to finish the work. We will happily do all of this and use our solar arrays if contracted to do so.

Finishing your solar farm project

Once your solar arrays are in place, the panels need to be added, and connected by qualified electricians, solar power technicians and installers of solar panels. The installation for solar panels is not our area of expertise but we do work with these professionals and can include their services, in a fully tailored solar farm installation solution.

Solar farms | Solar racking systems and foundation solutions

Solar mounting systems for all sizes of solar farms

We have a range of solar mounting systems that we can quickly install on our screw pile foundations or ground screws, depending on the ground conditions and project requirements.

RADIX SolarMount Racking System

RADIX SolarTerrace Racking System

RADIX SolarTripod Racking Sytem

Solar farms | All year and winter installations

All-in-one Service for Solar Farm Projects

From site-surveys, design and planning to load testing and installations, we offer a full service for solar farm projects of any size.

Solar farm | Solar racking system

Advantages of Using Screws for Solar Farms

The advantages of using screw foundations for your solar project are many. Quick to install, excellent value and eco-friendly, to name a few.

Solar farms | Ground screw machines

Ground Screw Machines for Fast Solar Installations

With our equipment we can get your foundations and Solar racking systems installed very quickly, allowing you to generate energy faster.

Solar farm projects

We have the team, the equipment, and the stock to complete any size of Solar Farm UK project. Here are a few solar farm images from some of the projects we have installed screws and solar arrays on.

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