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Foundations for a log cabin | Screw foundations

Foundations for a Log Cabin – Log Cabin Bases on Screw Foundations

RADIX ground screws and extendable screw piles will deliver a strong and secure foundation for your log cabin and log cabin base. A robust and cost-effective foundation solution that is fast to install on all types of land, even with limited access

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Log cabin base | Screw foundations

Build a log cabin and its base on sustainable foundations

If you are planning to build a log cabin, not only do you have many log cabin designs to choose from, but your log cabin foundation options and log cabin base designs are also extensive.

Which log cabin base should I choose? Do you use a log cabin concrete base, a log cabin timber base, or a plastic base for a log cabin? Are you building a wooden cabin, an off grid cabin or a modern cabin?

At RADIX, we make life simple. With our eco-friendly foundations, whether they come from our ground screw range or screw pile range (for heavier loads and deeper foundations), we can rapidly install your foundations for a log cabin and manufacture the log cabin base as well.

We have installation teams throughout the United Kingdom and have installed foundations for log cabins from the Highlands to the South of England. No matter the location, the terrain, the slope of the land, or however difficult the access is, our teams can guarantee robust and secure foundations for your new cabin.​

Our expertise in foundations covers many applications, so if you are building a cabin, a holiday lodge, a glamping site, or a summerhouse, or you just need foundations for a house or house extension, we can help you. Speak with us, and see how we can benefit you. We will generate a quote for you, and you can then make an informed choice.

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The advantages of using screw foundations when building a log cabin

Foundations installed quickly

Screw foundations for cabins and cabin bases can be quickly installed. With reduced labour and material costs, screws are a cost-effective solution for your log cabin foundations. With screw foundations, you can instantly add the cabin on top, once the base for the log cabin is attached.

No excavating and no damage

There is no need for excavation, no soil removal, and no damage to the surrounding area! Unlike traditional digging methods, screws preserve the surrounding landscape and are ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.

An eco-friendlier solution

Screws have a lower carbon footprint compared to concrete foundations. They have lower embodied carbon emissions, making them a sustainable choice and therefore reducing the environmental impact of building a log cabin.

Versatile to different terrains

No matter the location, terrain, or how difficult access is, our foundation screws can be installed using our experienced installers and high-tech installation machines. During the winter months, on frosted ground and rocky landscapes, screw foundations can be installed.

Durability and stability

Screws provide a strong and stable foundation, resistant to shifting and settling. They are engineered for a long lifespan, can carry large weights, and can withstand diverse environmental conditions.

Installation all year round

Screw foundations can be installed all year round, in any weather, meaning installation can go ahead in off-peak times so you can get your new log cabin ready for the holiday seasons.

What a great company, they did an absolutely fabulous job in a tricky site position for my log cabin base. The area was surrounded by established trees with some major roots none of this caused any problems. 20 ground screws fitted and wooden base secured in one day.

A really fantastic, fast, and excellent base has been built with zero fuss and is perfect for our log cabin that will be installed in the next few days. We considered a concrete base: this is so much better.

Alan Phoenix Holland Private Customer, Trustpilot
Off grid cabins | Ground screw foundations

Installing your log cabin foundations and log cabin base frame

Do you know how to build a log cabin foundation and log cabin base? Well, you don’t need to, as our certified installers can take care of everything for you. We will plan out the layout of your log cabin foundations, survey the site, load test, and install strong and secure foundations that will for last years to come.

  • Contact us with your cabin plans and details
    We need as much information as possible and ideally a plan for the cabin you want to install on our screw foundations.
  • Log cabin foundation assessment and layout
    We will assess the project, and with further information we gather, we can then plan the layout of the log cabins foundations and subframe.
  • Choosing the best screws for your cabin
    We will provisionally choose the best screws for your project based on the load and ground conditions. For sloped land or if we need to go deeper we may use extendable screw piles. Load testing results will give us the data we need to choose correctly.
  • Preparing the site for screw installation
    When the day comes to do your log cabins foundations, we will prepare the ground for installation. We check for underground obstacles and make sure our screw selection is correct. We mark out the layout, heights and optimal alignments, as our plan would have indicated.
  • Installing your cabin foundations
    Installing the screws is fast and easy with our skilled installers and top-of-the range installation equipment. Your log cabin foundations will be ready in no time, the log cabin base can be attached, and then your cabin can go on top.

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Build a log cabin | Sustainable foundations

Are you involved in the construction of log cabins?

RADIX is happy to partner with your company to either install the log cabin foundations for your projects or you can set up a business partnership with us, and we can supply you with the screws, installation tools, and training to do the foundations yourself.

We already work with log cabin builders, glamping, log home companies, and holiday lodge companies.

​For more information about working with us or any of our ground screw starter kits, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to support you.

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Log cabin foundations | RADIX

Foundations for cabins, glamping pods, holiday lodges, static houses and caravans

Our sustainable screw foundations are suitable for all types of buildings, private or commercial. Not only can we do the foundations for your main structure, but we can install decks, fences, pergolas, and even ground-mounted solar panels to provide clean energy to your site.​

If you are building any of these structures book a consultation with us to discuss how we can design and plan, then carry out site surveys and do load testing, to demonstrate why using our screw foundations, is the best choice for you.

Have a look at some of our case studies, and see how they made the right choice in using our foundation solutions for their commercial and private projects.

Log cabins and holiday lodge case studies

Some of the different log cabins, modern cabins, and lodges that we have built on our range of sustainable foundations. If you need foundations for a house, a holiday home, a cottage, a pod, or another type of building, then we can help you. Contact us to discuss your project.


Stop digging | Ground screws by RADIX are better for log cabins and all other buildings

Stop digging and using concrete foundations for log cabins, it’s time to change

There is no need to use concrete foundations for your log cabin, holiday lodges, glamping site, or many other buildings.

Times have changed, and we can build quicker, better, and more sustainable foundations. Ground screws vs. concrete is an easy argument to win, but we need you to stop digging, and move with the times.

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