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SIP buildings | Screw pile foundations | RADIX

SIP Buildings Built on Sustainable Foundations

RADIX screw piles and ground screws are the perfect partner for SIP buildings. Sustainable construction built quickly with SIPs coupled with our rapidly installed eco-friendly screw foundations will save you time and money on your next building project.

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SIP Building | Sustainable foundations | RADIX

What is a SIP Building?

SIP Buildings employ Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which are one of the most airtight and well-insulated building systems available.

Sip building panels are constructed from an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically made of oriented strand board (OSB).

SIPs afford impressive thermal performance and airtightness. With their consistently high insulating properties, they dramatically reduce energy consumption.

SIPs disrupt the energy-intensive processes typically associated with construction, advocating instead for lean, efficient installation. The panels have quick installation times, and remarkable strength, making them an attractive option for modern builders and architects.

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SIP buildings | Screw foundations | RADIX

Do SIP Buildings need foundations?

A building made of sip panels has a relatively low weight, so concrete foundations are not needed. This is why the versatility, price, and strength of our ground screws or screw piles are the perfect pairing for sip buildings.

​Sip building solutions are a modern construction approach, and are being commonly used in SIP house building with modern house designs, eco houses, passive houses as well as commercial buildings of all sizes.

Use RADIX’s screw foundations for your SIP building

Leveraging RADIX’s ground screw range or screw pile range of foundations for your next project define a trajectory not just for the future of buildings but for sustainable and efficient infrastructural development.

​Connect our foundation screws into your planning and lay the foundations for a green, innovative project. We can support a SIP house extension, a SIP garden building, temporary buildings, and a variety of SIP house designs, and commercial SIP buildings.

Speak with us about your project, and we can analyse it and then give you the best solution for your foundations.

The Advantages of using RADIX Screw Pile Foundations for a SIP Building

Using screw piles as a foundation solution for Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) buildings offers several advantages, aligning well with the unique characteristics and requirements of SIP construction. When it comes to foundations for houses, RADIX’s extendable helical screw piles are the best modern solution on the market.

Speed of construction

SIP buildings are known for their quick assembly, and screw piles complement this advantage. The rapid installation of screw piles means the foundation can be ready in a short time, allowing the SIP structure to be erected without significant delays.

Reduced site impact

Screw piles require minimal excavation, which means less disruption to the building site. This is particularly beneficial for SIP buildings, often chosen for their minimal environmental impact. The reduced site disturbance helps maintain the integrity of the surrounding landscape.

Precision and alignment

SIP construction requires precise alignment, and screw piles can be installed with high accuracy. This precision ensures that the foundation is perfectly level and stable, which is crucial for the proper assembly and performance of SIP panels.

Versatility in soil conditions

RADIX screw foundation piles are effective in evenly distributing the load of the building. This uniform load distribution is important for SIP buildings, as it ensures the structural integrity and longevity of the panels.

Suitability for various soil types

Our screws can be used in a diverse range of soil conditions and terrains, making them a versatile foundation choice for SIP buildings, which might be constructed in various locations, including those with challenging soil conditions and uneven slopes.

Adaptability to weather conditions

SIP buildings are often used in areas with extreme weather conditions. Our helical screw piles are resistant to frost-heave and can perform well in a range of environmental conditions, making them a reliable foundation choice for SIP structures in different climates.

Minimal thermal bridging

In SIP construction methods, maintaining energy efficiency is key. RADIX’s piles contribute minimal thermal bridging compared to other foundation types, which is beneficial in preserving the high energy efficiency of SIP buildings. Screws have less embodied carbon than other foundations.

Flexibility in building design

Screw piles offer flexibility in foundation design, which can be advantageous for SIP buildings that may have unique architectural features. This flexibility allows for creative and innovative building designs.

Overall cost-effectiveness

The quick installation and reduced labour requirements for screw pile foundations can lead to cost savings. This cost-effectiveness is beneficial for SIP building projects, which often aim to be both economically and environmentally sustainable.

SIP Buildings | Foundation installation process

Our expert installation teams are ready to help

Throughout every phase of your project—from initial engagement, through meticulous design and planning, to comprehensive site surveys, ground testing, and installations—our approach is defined by clear communication, transparency, and consummate professionalism.

Leveraging the specialised skills of our certified installers and utilising state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we efficiently collect and analyse the essential data for your project. This strategic process ensures the successful completion of your project, both on schedule and within your budget.

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