applications for ground screw foundations


From a small fence to a large house or a solar array to a boardwalk through a forest, you can build structures of all types securely on our screw foundations. Screws may seem an unusual foundation solution, but they are fast becoming the preferred choice as a more sustainable solution to concrete.

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Ground screw applications | Modular building

If your structure needs secure anchoring to the ground, you can build it on top of our strong and modern screw foundations

You can build fences, decking, garden rooms and sheds, jetties, pergolas, playgrounds and boardwalks on our screws. Larger structures like modular buildings, pedestrian bridges, granny annexes, summer houses and carports can also be built on our screw pile foundations.

Compared to concrete foundations, our screws are quicker and easier to install, with no excavation requirements, and no surrounding damage during their installation and mounting of your structures.

Keep on schedule and avoid delays as you can install our screws during winter, even into hard frosted ground, and we don’t need to wait for concrete to cure, so loads can instantly be applied on our strong, stable, and highly secure foundations.

The advantages of ground screws and screw piles demonstrate the viability of using them compared to other types of foundations. Look at some of our application pages here, and our case studies to learn more about building on ground screws and screw pile foundations.