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Ground-mounted solar panels | Solar farm | RADIX solar mounting solutions

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Are you looking for ground-mounted solar panel racking systems?

Reach your sustainability and energy creation goals and protect your solar investment with our range of ground-mounted solar panels on RADIX Ground Screws. We offer three ground-mounted solar panel systems, for commercial and domestic use.

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Our new RADIX SolarMount Racking System

The RADIX SolarMount Racking System is designed for all types of ground conditions, and is easily adapted to problematic ground.

This system has been expertly designed to offer durability and adaptability and comes with a 25-YEAR WARRANTY. The racking system is easily assembled and the added advantages of our ground screw foundations make this complete solution a far better alternative to other types of foundations used for ground-mounted solar panels

The RADIX SolarMount range offers four configurations of double-screw pile or ground screw options for a range of panels:

  • RADIX SM 2.1 – 2 posts / 1 panels / portrait
  • RADIX SM 2.2 – 2 posts / 2 panels / portrait
  • RADIX SM 2.3 – 2 posts / 3 panels / landscape
  • RADIX SM 2.4 – 2 posts / 4 panels / landscape

For any questions about solar panel mounting brackets, solar panel mounting rails, planning permission for ground-mounted solar panels, or other technical questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.


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Ground-mounted solar panels | RADIX

Module orientation:
Landscape and portrait

Module arrangement:
1 panel portrait, 2 panels portrait, 3 panels landscape and 4 panels landscape

Standard angles between 10 and 30°, with the ability to manufacture angles up to 45º for some project cases

Framework – Magnelis ZM310
Panel Clamps – Aluminium alloy 6063-T6
Ground Screws – Galvanised steel S235

Max wind speed:

Max snow load:
0.7 kN/m2


Ground mounted solar | RADIX SolarMount racking system

The benefits of the RADIX SolarMount Racking System

The RADIX SolarMount has been specially designed for large-scale solar farms, but can be used in smaller projects as well.

  • Manufactured in the UK
  • A 25-year warranty
  • The frame is highly corrosion-resistant
  • The system can be made to fit any solar panel specification or size, thus avoiding the common problem of overhanging solar panels with existing ground-mounted solar panel systems.
  • With solar panels getting larger and thinner, badly fitted panels, overhanging panels, and non-secure panels can lead to damages and insurance not covering the costs.
  • Accommodates landscape; 2-4 arrangement
  • The solar panel rails are adaptable and can span a wider distance (3.4m span), which leads to fewer screws being required –– which reduces costs, and a faster installation process.
  • We have the manufacturing capabilities to produce mounting systems to accommodate 1MW a week (5000 panels)

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Our other ground mounted solar solutions

Which solar racking system do you need?

The RADIX SolarMount is not the only ground mounting solar panels system we have. We also have our RADIX SolarTerrace Racking System, and the RADIX SolarTripod Racking System, which is often used for smaller projects.

Each ground-mounting solar solution has unique benefits, so speak with us, and we can simplify the choice based on your needs.

Chris and Rob installed the ground screws and frame for solar panels in a remote and hard to access location. Despite the hostile weather and short working daylight hours, they completed the job on time and within budget. Highly recommended.

Matthew Carse Private Customer

Excellent solution: a delightful company to work with….they erected a bespoke frame for 20m2 solar panels for me, fixed to the ground with 8 of their ingenious ground screws….no digging, no concrete, no mess, and all in less than a day. Unequivocally excellent.

Gordon Morse Private Customer

Which ground-mounted solar package do you want?

At RADIX, we offer complete flexibility in the purchase options of our ground screw foundations and racking systems for ground-mounted solar panels. If you have any questions or require technical information, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Solar arrays | Corrosion resistant material | Solar mounting system

Buy any of our ground-mounted solar panels racking systems

Just buy our ground-mounted solar panel systems. Contact us for a quote on which system and how many racks you want. Or ask for advice!

Ground mounted solar panels UK | Solar Mounting Systems

Ground-mounted solar panels racking systems and screw foundations

Purchase our ground-mounted solar panel racking system and the correct screws for you to install yourself. We can supply screws and installation tools.

Solar Panels Ground Mounted | Ground screw installations and racks

Any of our Solar mounting systems, screws and installation

Ground-mounted solar panel systems, and the installation of the mounts on our screws by our highly experienced solar installation teams.

Ground-mounted solar panels | Ground screw foundations

Why our screws are the perfect match for your ground-mounted solar panels

One of the significant strengths of our ground screw foundations over a traditional pile driven system is the significant increase in wind uplift capacity provided.

The continuous helix of each ground screw provides greater friction in the soil than a traditional driven pile. Ground screws are specified and installed to the correct depth, based on site specific testing, to achieve the tensile capacity required, typically in excess of 15kN per screw, providing the best foundation for ground-mount solar arrays, especially in wind-exposed areas.

Ground-mounted solar panels | Ground screw installations for racking systems

Other advantages of our screws for ground-mounted solar panels systems

  • Ground mounted solar panels | Ground screws | RADIXRADIX screw foundations are easy to remove at the end of the solar array’s lifespan, which is a positive in the planning approval process. No excavations, no damage to surroundings, and no earth removal costs.
  • Ground-mounted solar panels | All weather installationsOur expert teams can survey, supply and install our foundation screws and solar mounting systems any time of the year, and in all weather conditions, so you can be confident you get the right foundation solution for even the most time-critical solar projects.
  • Ground mounted solar panels | Mount solar panels over sloping groundWe can use extendable screw piles to suit soft, sloping and uneven ground. We can install our foundations in hard-to-access and off-grid areas, with the machinery we use for solar farm projects.
  • Ground mounted solar panels | Low-impact ground screw foundationsWe deliver quick Installations without digging up or damaging natural habitats. Designed with efficiency in mind, our expert teams can supply and install our ground-mounted solar panel systems, easily and quickly, so you can mount the panels, and operate faster.
Ground-mounted solar panels | Sustainable foundations and mounting systems

The cost-effectiveness of our solar mounting systems coupled with RADIX screw foundations

It’s all about reducing costs to maximise your return on investment with our ground-mounted solar panel system and screw foundations.

RADIX’s innovative solar mounting system, which uses our specially engineered ground screws, ensures cost-effectiveness throughout the project’s lifecycle.

From designing and planning customised mounting solutions for all sizes of projects to the actual installation, you will see the financial advantages of choosing RADIX for your ground-mounted solar panel needs.

Get a quote from us for your private project or commercial solar farm.

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Installing our ground-mounted solar panel racking systems on sustainable foundations

Experience seamless and efficient installation with RADIX. Our market-leading products and vast experience in ground screw and screw pile foundations ensure a secure, reliable, and timely installation for your ground-mounted solar panels.

Customer service | Ground-mounted solar panels division | RADIX

Engagement and project review

When you engage with us, we review your solar project, your needs, timelines, and budgets and come up with a proposal that satisfies both parties. You decide which solar package you want from us.

Ground-mounted solar panels | Load testing for ground screw foundations

Project site survey and load testing

We need to inspect the location, evaluate the site, and review the overall project again to customise a plan of action that will be most cost-effective for you.

Solar farms | Design and planning division | RADIX

Design and planning

We design and plan out a bespoke solar panel mounting solution to exactly fit your needs. All the equipment and team members we need are booked for your ground-mounted solar panels installation.

Ground-mounted solar panels | Site preparation

Ground preparation for the ground mount solar systems

We prepare the site to ensure a fast and easy installation process. Aligning the spots where the ground screw anchors will go in and making sure everything is level.

Ground-mounted solar panels | Installing foundations and solar mounts

Installation of the ground-mounted solar panels on screw foundations

Our experienced installation team completes the screw foundations and builds the ground-mounted solar panel racking systems, or we just do the foundations if that is what we are contracted for.

Ground-mounted solar panels | Connecting power to electrical grid

Electricians connect your ground-mounted solar panels to source

Qualified electricians and solar technicians install and connect the solar panels to start producing your renewable energy.

Solar farms | Ground-mounted solar panels | RADIX

Large-scale commercial solar farms

Ground-mounted solar panels and foundations, for any size of solar farm

At RADIX, we hold the largest stock of ground screws and screw piles in the UK, and we can ramp up our manufacturing to supply large commercial solar farm projects with the foundations of our ground-mounted solar panel systems.

​Depending on the timescale, our solar mounting systems can also be produced to accommodate your commercial project, no matter the size.

We offer a fully bespoke service tailored to your needs and solar plan layout requirements. All you need to do is add the solar panels and connect everything. If your solar farm is feeding into a battery energy storage system, we can also do the foundations for this.

Ground-mounted solar panels | Residential applications solar

Embrace sustainable energy at home on our solar mounting systems

Ground-mounted solar panels for home use are becoming more popular. We understand space constraints may limit the viability of ground-mounted solar compared to solar panels on roofs. With our team, we can evaluate the location and if suitable, we can install our ground-mounted solar panels on screw foundations quickly and at a cost-effective price.

Whether you want a single solar ground mount or a larger solar panel mounting solution, we can help you.

If you have questions about ground-mounted solar planning permission and other technical or regulatory issues that may arise, speak with us.

Solar panel companies UK | Work with us | RADIX

Solar panel companies and solar panel manufacturers in the UK and abroad

Partner with RADIX for your ground-mounted solar panels.

If you own a solar panel business that requires solar panel mounting on the ground, then speak with us about creating a seamless solution for all of our customers. Our solar panel stand for ground-mounted solar arrays and our fast and cost-effective installations, combined with your solar panels, can be a winning combination.

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