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Screw pile foundations | RADIX

Screw Pile Range

Our extendable screw pile range can be quickly installed with precision accuracy and long-lasting quality. They are similar to our ground screws but can be installed deeper into the ground to provide the structural support your project needs.

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Screw pile | RADIX

What is a screw pile?

A screw pile is steel tube made up of a helical screw tip, with a series of extensions and a flange top. Think of them as an extendable ground screw.

Our range of extendable piles ensures that foundations are installed to the required depths to achieve maximum load-bearing capacities in areas of soft ground and offer an efficient method for raising ground levels without extensive excavations. Our sustainable foundations have been engineered to produce extremely secure, strong, and stable foundations, with cutting-edge anchoring technology that allows for the direct attachment of structures to the screws head, effectively preventing any lateral or vertical movement.

Our range of screws are available in 76mm, 89mm and 114mm diameters, with extension pieces in 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, and 2000mm lengths, and pairing with a flange to interface between any universal or bespoke fittings. RADIX’s specialist screw piling team has installed foundations to depths exceeding 16m and 200kN per screw-pile.

In line with BS EN ISO 1461:2009 standards, our foundation screws are galvanised for enhanced durability and an extended lifespan.

Engineers’ certificates and documentation are available upon request.

RADIX installation teams are seasoned in both private and commercial projects, and specialise in screw piling with unmatched expertise.

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Screw pile foundations | Log cabin

The advantages of using helical screw pile foundations for your next project

Our low-carbon foundations are installed quickly, reducing labour costs and making your project more cost-efficient. With our range of screws, you have instant load-bearing capacity, so no waiting about for concrete to dry!

There are several advantages of ground screws and screw piles, here are a few:

  • screw pile foundations | stop diggingRapid installation with minimal impact to the landscape, as there is no excavation required, no soil removal and no damage to the surrounding area with large machinery. They are ideal for restricted spaces.
  • Screw pile foundations | Sloping groundOur range of screws are suitable in all soil conditions, perfect for difficult terrain and sloping land, and can quickly level up the ground to give your structure the stability it requires.
  • screw pile foundations | save time and moneyNo concrete is needed so no curing time, and you can start building immediately after installation. With screw piling, heavy loads can be supported and required depths reached by adding more extensions.
  • Screw pile foundations | Eco-friendlyOur helical screw foundations have less embodied carbon than an equivalent concrete base, and are removable and reusable with a low environmental footprint. This added to the installation process makes them a better option and more sustainable.
  • Screw pile foundations | Install all year roundNo matter the weather, frozen ground or challenging soil conditions, helical piles can be installed all year round. Say goodbye to costly delays, as screw piling will help you hit your deadlines and budgets.
Screw pile | Quality control

Our testing and quality control process ensures the strength, resilience and capabilities of every screw pile we install

We rigorously check the technical specification, quality, durability and strength of every range of screws we manufacture. RADIX proudly stands behind the calibre of our products.

If you require the empirical evidence or technical information on any of our screws, contact us.

RADIX is not only the largest stockist and supplier of helical screw pile foundations in the UK, with an experienced team of installers spread throughout the country, but we also have the best products on the market.

Technical Information

A turnkey service for screw pile foundations for commercial and private projects

Throughout every phase of your project—from initial engagement, through meticulous design and planning, to comprehensive site surveys, ground testing, and installations—our approach is defined by clear communication, transparency, and consummate professionalism.

Leveraging the specialised skills of our certified installers and utilising state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, we efficiently collect and analyse the essential data for your project. This strategic process ensures the successful completion of your project, both on schedule and within your budget.

Our installers are available for any private or commercial projects. From a jetty or wharf on a river bank to a battery energy storage system (BESS), or a passive house in the countryside, our helical pile foundations will stand the test of time.

Ground screws and screw piles | Load testing equipment

Site Surveys & Load Testing

We can provide the empirical data on which ground screws and screw piles are specified for your project.

Ground screws and screw piles | Project design and planning

Project Design & Planning

Our experienced team can help design the foundations and structural base to meet your project specifications.

Screw foundations | Professional installation | RADIX

Professional Installations

Our experienced installation teams are ready to help you with any type of project, anywhere in the

Screw pile foundations | Commercial installations

Meet the team and machines we use to install our screw pile foundations

Screw piling is typically required when we need to go deeper into the ground, we have sloped land, and the load capacity of the structure demands a deeper, stronger and extendable screw. Our teams and machines that we use for screw piling are second to none.​

Solar farms, battery energy storage systems, foundations for houses, SIP buildings, house extensions, log cabins… The list goes on!

Screw Piling

Storage container | BESS | Screw pile foundations

What can you build on helical screw pile foundations?

Just like our ground screw applications, there are many structures you can build on screw pile foundations. Screw piling should be used over ground screws when we need to go deeper to gain the required load-bearing capacities a project demands, or to quickly raise levels over areas of sloping ground.

From large-scale commercial projects like substations, transformers, or PCS units that support renewable energy projects, to a new garden office over undulating ground, helical screw piles can deliver a strong, stable and level foundation.


Screw Foundation Pile | RADIX | UK

Screw pile prices and quotation

We need to analyse your project to be able to generate an exact quote for you, as many factors will determine which foundation screw is best suited for your project. This includes taking into consideration total load capacities and your site’s ground conditions.

At RADIX, the integrity of your structure’s foundations is paramount to us. Contact us so we can go through our evaluation process and make sure your structure will be on secure foundations for many years to come.

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Helical screw pile | RADIX

Are there other types of piles similar to our helical piles used in construction?

There are many different types of piling systems used in construction. RADIX Helical Screw Piles should not be confused with traditional pile systems that most people are familiar with. Our helical screw piles are a uniquely designed hybrid system, value-engineered to deliver a more cost-effective solution for large-scale and heavy structures. Traditional piles are not only more expensive, but require a different method of installation which can include boring or driving piles in by impact, which requires heavy machinery and large piling mats.

Other types of piles used in construction include; CFA Piles (Continuous Flight Auger Piles), Sheet Piles, Micro Piles (or Mini Piles), Helical Piles, Bored Piles (or Drilled Shafts), Driven Piles, Caisson Piles, Composite Piles, Prestressed Concrete Piles, Timber Piles, Tension Piles and even more.

Screw Piles vs. Concrete

* A RADIX Screw Pile must be selected based on static calculations and results of site-specific ground testing. The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by insufficient or incorrect selection of screw pile foundations.