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Ground screw | Strong and secure foundations | RADIX

Ground Screw Range

Our ground screw range offers versatility and secure anchoring for all types of projects, large and small. Manufactured to extremely high standards, they stand alone when compared to others on the market.

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Ground screw foundations | RADIX

What is a ground screw?

A ground screw is a modern, eco-friendlier foundation solution that replaces the need for concrete foundations. They are galvanised steel screws of different diameters and lengths designed to act as a strong, secure, and durable foundation to support various structures that are attached to the screws from above. A ground screw can also be called a ground screw anchor, earth screw, ground anchor, foundation screw, and grounding screw.

We believe in our products and back the structural integrity of every screw with a 35-year guarantee based on typical soil conditions. Each screw or extendable screw pile has a different load capacity and dimensions, but all have a long lifespan of 60+ years.

Our screws and brackets are manufactured under EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems and finished following BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

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Ground screw | Installation

Why use ground screw foundations for your project?

Screw foundations are quickly becoming the sustainable solution that is replacing concrete. There are many advantages of ground screws and screw piles. Here are a few:

  • Ground screw installation iconSave time on your projects. Our screws are fast and easy to install, reducing time, energy and labour costs. A quicker completion saves money! They are 70% faster to install than concrete.
  • Stop digging with the RADIX ground screw range iconFoundation screws avoid the need for excavations, removal of spoils, or pouring concrete. This is not only an eco-benefit, but also a time and cost savings solution. Instant load-bearing capacity!
  • Ground screw sloping land iconOur screws make off-grid projects possible, overcoming hard-to-access and remote areas. If your house or project site is difficult to access, we can overcome this problem with our versatile installation methods.
  • Ground screw the eco-friendly foundation iconEarth screws are an eco-friendly alternative to concrete, as they hold less embodied carbon, are faster to install, cause less surrounding damage, with no excavation, and they are removable, reusable and recyclable.
  • Ground screw in all weather iconOur range of sustainable foundations avoid costly delays. They can be installed all year round and in any weather. Sloping, uneven, and soft ground, plus most other soil and types of terrain are suitable for our foundation solutions.
Ground screw foundations | Build your dream project with RADIX

Why choose a RADIX Ground Screw?

We know we offer unrivalled quality, supply and service, on top of a 35-year guarantee and long lifespan, but we prefer to let our customers speak for themselves.

All we have is good things to say. Everything from project planning, analysis, advice and installation is in place with RADIX. It isn’t easy to find good partners in any industry, so having one here that goes beyond the parameters of expectation is incredible.

Fantastic to work with. Since I started dealing with Radix for all my equipment and ground screw stock, communication has always been fantastic. Always happy to help if I need advice and super fast turn around when I need a delivery quick.

We buy all our screws and equipment directly from Radix to do our own installations for our building company in Sweden. In our opinion Radix is the best ground screw company in the UK.

We are a garden room design and build company and a ground screws installer. We have worked with other suppliers but we picked RADIX because the range and quality of their screws is excellent and they also supply a very high quality range of installation equipment.

Best ground screw | Quality check | RADIX

Ensuring strength, durability and reliability through extensive quality controls

Every product range we have is rigorously checked for quality, durability and strength. We can firmly stand by what we claim our screws do, and why we stand out in a crowded market.

Do not risk the foundations of anything you are building with inferior screws or fundaments. Demand the technical information that proves their quality.

Technical Information

Ground screw | Installation process | RADIX

Ground screw installations

From the moment we engage with you, right through to handing over to the team who will complete your building project, we will work tirelessly to meet your needs.

To select the best screws for your private or commercial project, we need to gather detailed information about your project, do a site survey and load-testing and then do our calculations to provide the empirical evidence of which screw is best suited.

On the day of the installation, we prepare the ground above and below, pre-drill if required, line up the screws and install them quickly using our range of ground screw machines. The entire process is extremely efficient and once the foundations are in they can instantly support the structure you are placing on top of them.

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Ground screw | Modular building installation

What can you build on ground screw foundations?

Most structures, fixtures and buildings can be built on range of screws. There will be some structures that are more suited to other types of foundations like high-rise apartment blocks, large scale infrastructure projects or something with an extremely high-load capacities.

SIP buildings, temporary offices and classrooms, playground equipment, fences, decking, solar arrays… The list is endless.

Speak with us, and we can evaluate your project, and see its suitability for screw foundations.


Ground screw cost | RADIX

Ground screw cost

The price of a screw will vary depending on its design, length and capabilities. Please contact us so we can evaluate your project, help you choose the best solution, and give you an exact quotation for the price of the screws you will need.

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Ground screw foundations vs concrete

Why would you build on concrete when you have ground screw foundations available?

RADIX’s low-carbon foundations are an alternative to concrete, but they are faster and simpler to install, and more sustainable, thus delivering a smarter solution for you.

We know they are durable, climate-friendly and more cost-effective, and you don’t have to prepare the ground, dig large holes, cast your own supports and wait an age for them to cure… You screw them in, attach the structure, and you’re done!

Ground Screws vs. Concrete

Ground screws | The UK's leading supplier to small businesses | RADIX

RADIX is the leading ground screw company and supplier to all types of businesses throughout the UK

As the UK’s largest manufacturer, stockist, and supplier of sustainable foundations, we collaborate on small and large projects, with a variety of companies nationwide and abroad.

Our clients come from many different sectors, and the array of projects we support is diverse. If you are a garden room company, a house builder, renewable energy company, a local joiner, or another type of business that could benefit from collaborating with us, contact us, and lets see how we can help each other.

Whether you just want to buy screws, ground screw machinestesting kits, or a tailor-made ground screw starter kit, we can manage your needs.

Our job is to make your life easier and deliver a cost-effective solution to help your business.

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Ground screw attachments | RADIX

We have an attachment for anything you want to build

Whatever you are building, we will help you choose the best type of screw and attachment that you will need to secure your structure. Beam brackets, post brackets, L-supports amongst others, and if you need a bespoke attachment, we can manufacture it for you.

Our screws can be used to anchor decking, sheds, garden and security fences, flagpoles, noise barriers, ground-mounted solar panels, and so much more.

* Lifespan is based on a RADIX PRO 76x1550mm ground screw and typical C3 corrosion rates detailed in our technical information page.