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Temporary buildings | Portable structures | Reusable foundations

Temporary Buildings and Portable Structures on Reusable Foundations

RADIX Ground Screws and Screw Piles are moveable and reusable, so they are ideal for all types of temporary and portable buildings or structures. From temporary offices, portable classrooms, and portacabins to event structures and hoardings, screw foundations are a fast and cost-effective solution.

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Portable structures | reusable foundations | RADIX

All types of temporary buildings and portable structures can be anchored to RADIX’s sustainable screw foundations

Strong, reliable and reusable foundations.

All types of portable structures, like portable sheds and storage units, temporary modular buildings, and portacabins for offices or portable classrooms, are well suited to be placed on our range of ground screw or screw pile foundations.

  • Using our ground screw anchors will produce a level base that doesn’t sink or damage the surrounding area.
  • Screw foundations are installed quickly and easily, and can then be removed and used again.

​Whether it is a temporary event structure like a ticket office, staging or a stand for a concert, hoardings or fencing around a construction site, or a temporary classroom due to the recent report on schools with a crumbling concrete crisis, RADIX is ready to help.​

The installation process is simple and carried out by our experienced installers with the latest machines and installation tools. In addition to this, we offer a full site survey test, load-bearing test, design, and project planning to deliver an all-in-one service, where every detail is taken care of. If you have a portable structure that needs to be anchored to the ground, contact us for help.

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Temporary classrooms | Reusable foundations | RADIX

Temporary classrooms

Mobile and temporary classrooms and portable classroom building on reusable foundations.

We work with companies supplying schools, colleges, and universities with portable classrooms. Our quick and cost-effective ground anchors are not only secure and strong enough to support large loads, but they can also be reused when the need for the portacabin classrooms is finished. If you work with modular classroom buildings or any other modular buildings for schools, contact us, and we can make your process easier.

Portacabins | Construction industry | Reusable and sustainable foundations

Portacabins for the construction industry

Construction site cabins on reusable foundations.

All types of portacabins can be placed on foundation screws. Construction site cabins for offices or tools and equipment as well as construction site accommodation, dining cabins, and portable toilets.

Portacabin sizes will vary, and whether it is a small portacabin for the home or a larger one for temporary use on a building site, they will all benefit from our reusable, strong and eco-friendly ground anchor solutions.

Portable office cabins | Temporary office space | Reusable foundations

Portable office cabins

Temporary office space on reusable foundations.

RADIX’s screw foundations are the perfect solution to place temporary office buildings on. Portable office cabins may be needed on a construction site, at an event or school, or a myriad of other examples.

A mobile office needs to be installed quickly and easily, and having secure and stable foundations is paramount. Our installers can supply portable office foundations rapidly and at a cost-effective price. And when the portable offices need to be moved, the screws can be easily taken out and reused as well.

Portable sheds | Reusable foundations

Portable Sheds

Reusable screw foundations for temporary sheds and portable huts.

If you’re installing a portable garden shed, portable hut, or portable storage shed, then our foundations are for you. The obvious advantage is that our screws can be reused when the shed or hut needs to be moved.

Our screw foundations will support all types of temporary sheds, cabins, and storage containers of all dimensions, no matter what the load will be. We have 76mm x 800mm screws for the smaller units, or our larger and longer screws for larger and heavier sheds. We can support you in evaluating your project to make the correct choice of screws that are best.

Our services delivering reusable foundations for portable buildings and temporary structures

Ground screws and screw piles | Load testing equipment

Site Surveys & Load Testing

We can provide the empirical data on which ground screws and screw piles are specified for your project.

Ground screws and screw piles | Project design and planning

Project Design & Planning

Our experienced team can help design the foundations and structural base to meet your project specifications.

Screw foundations | Professional installation | RADIX

Professional Installations

Our experienced installation teams are ready to help you with any type of project, anywhere in the

Temporary structures | Reusable foundations | RADIX

Event Structures

Temporary Event structures on reusable foundations.

For any event that requires temporary structures to be installed, whether it is fencing, staging, booths or buildings, stands, or tenting, RADIX’s range of screws are strong and reliable foundations to use. The installations are easy with our ground screw machines and then we just unscrew them and they are ready for your next event!

​See our case study from Edinburgh Zoo that needed a temporary stage for the season.

Hoardings | Reusable screw foundations | RADIX


Movable and reusable foundations.

Ground screws and screw pile foundations are used for hoardings, barriers, signage, and advertising boards. Their easy installation and extractions make them perfect for temporary structures and fixtures that need to have secure foundations.

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Ground screws vs concrete | Sustainable construction | RADIX

Ground Screws vs Concrete – Which is better?

Learn more about the advantages of RADIX’s sustainable foundations, and how they are a superior alternative to concrete foundations for most projects, temporary or not.

Ground Screws vs. Concrete