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Solar panel ground mounts | RADIX SolarTripod racking system

Solar Panel Ground Mounts

Solar panel ground mounts with the RADIX SolarTripod Racking System

If you’re looking for solar panel ground mounts, our SolarTripod racking system is versatile and quick to install. A cost-effective solution for smaller solar projects for private or commercial purposes. Contact us to evaluate your needs and customise a solar mounting and foundation solution for you.

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Solar panel ground mounts | Single panel racking system

Solar panel ground mounts on RADIX Ground Screw foundations

For solar panel ground mount systems the RADIX SolarTripod is a perfect choice. The single-panel racking system allows you to utilise small and hard-to-access areas while maximising the potential use of space with portrait-orientated PV solar modules. With an integrated adjustable support and rail system, your solar array can be positioned precisely with tilt angles between 15 and 30 degrees.

Constructed from aluminium and stainless steel components, the RADIX SolarTripod is a robust and durable solar panel ground mount solution.

Our team can rapidly install our ground screw range into all types of terrain and then mount the racking system to get your solar project operational, at a cost-effective price.

If your solar farm is going to link to a battery energy storage system, we can supply the foundations for that as well.

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Module orientation:

Module arrangement:
1 panel portrait

Angle between 15 and 30°

Max wind speed:
23 m/s

Max snow load:
0.05 kN/m

Solar Panel Ground Mounts | SolarTripod Racking System

Framework – Aluminium (AL6005-TS)
Panel Clamps – Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Ground Screws – Galvanised steel S235

Solar panel ground mounts | Ground screw foundations

RADIX Ground Screws deliver strong and secure foundations for your solar panel ground mounts

Ground screw foundations offer significant benefits for ground-mounted solar panels. The continuous helix generates underground friction which provides a greater level of support for solar panel ground mounts compared to other solar foundation solutions.

Our illustration demonstrates a large surface area to capture the sun’s energy that could be affected by uplift from the wind. With our ground screw foundations, we have created an increased level of friction which will withstand horizontal and vertical forces exceeding 15kN under typical ground conditions.

If you are planning to build a solar panel ground mounts in an area that is often effected by wind, the RADIX SolarTripod racking system and ground screw solution could be the right product for you.

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Solar Panel Ground Mounts | Ground Screws

Learn more about the advantages of using ground screws for your solar panel ground mounts

There are numerous advantages and reason why most solar projects worldwide are built on ground screws.

RADIX’s ground screws are the market leader in the United Kingdom, constantly supplying foundations for a variety of solar farms nationwide.

Advantages of ground screws for solar

Features of the RADIX SolarTripod Racking System

Solar panel ground mounts | Screw foundations

Efficient foundations

The SolarTripod racking system mounts securely to our low-carbon, low-impact screw piles foundations, allowing projects to get off the ground without delay.

Solar panel ground mounts | Aluminium racking rails

Precise adjustment

Utilising flexible supports, your solar panel ground mounts can be positioned with tilt angles between 15 and 30 degrees.

Solar panel ground mounts | Secure solar panel clips

Secure fixings

Using a patented clamp design to offer a simple, easy and robust fixing to secure PV modules of all sizes.