Case Studies

Explore the projects built on our ground screws and screw pile foundations.

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Ground-mounted solar panels | ground screws foundations and racking system | Wales

15kW Solar Array, Wales

Supply and installation of RADIX Ground Screw foundations and RADIX SolarTripod racking system for a 15kW solar array in Monmouthshire, Wales.
Log Cabin | Hut of Wellbeing | Ground Screws

The Hut of Wellbeing, Scotland

RADIX is proud to support Reforesting Scotland’s project, The Hut of Wellbeing, offering a quiet retreat in nature for carers and those with life-limiting conditions.
Solar Farm 500kw | ground-mounted solar panels | ground screws and racking

500kW Solar Array, Scotland

Supply and installation of RADIX Ground Screw foundations and RADIX SolarTerrace racking system for a 500kW solar array in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.
Screw pile foundations | Substation power network | RADIX

400KV Substation, Salisbury

Supply and installation of screw pile foundations through an existing concrete pad for a Substation in Salisbury, UK.
Sustainable construction | Log cabin screw foundations

Holiday Lodges at Bowfield Hotel & Spa

Supply and installation of robust ground screw foundations for ten holiday lodges while ensuring minimal damage to Bowfield's beautiful grounds and disruption to guests during their stay.
Foundations for buildings | Ground Screw Foundations

Sports Clubhouse Facilities

Our ground screw foundations made supporting a 19.8m x 8.4m clubhouse for the Empire Bowls Club possible, overcoming sloping ground and maintaining an immaculate bowling green during a tight off-season window.
Foundations | ground screws for a pod

Golf Simulator

Working closely with urbanpods to fully understand their client Baberton Golf Club's requirements, we supported the construction of this state-of-the-art golf simulator on our sustainable, low-impact ground screw foundations.
bridge foundations | screw piles

Gifford Bridge Foundations, Birmingham

Supply and installation of RADIX Helical Screw Pile foundations to depths of 16m and bespoke structural platform for a complex project in the heart of Birmingham.
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