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Solar arrays | RADIX SolarTerrace racking system

Solar Arrays

RADIX SolarTerrace Racking System and Solar Array Solution

We can quickly install our RADIX SolarTerrace racking system on our range of ground screws to get your solar project operational sooner rather than later. Contact us to evaluate your solar project and customise a ground-mounted solar racking system for you.

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Solar arrays | Solar farms | Private and commercial projects

Ground-mounted solar arrays for all sizes of solar farms, private and commercial

RADIX is securing ground-mounted solar farms with efficient foundations and robust solar array racking systems that provide the greatest support against wind and uplift.

The RADIX Solar Terrace is a pre-assembled aluminium ground-mounted solar panels racking system capable of supporting small to large-scale domestic and commercial solar arrays. The pre-assembled supports greatly reduce installation time and costs, offering a user-friendly solution that is easy to install for commercial or residential clients.

Using high-quality engineered components, and designed for convenience and quick installation, this solar array significantly saves time and cost throughout all scales of solar projects.

The RADIX Solar Terrace system optimises the surface area for mounting a range of solar PV panels while delivering a strong structure at a lower cost. A highly efficient and cost-effective solar array system.

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Module orientation:

Module arrangement:
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Solar arrays | RADIX SolarTerrace racking system | Technical drawing

Framework – Aluminium (AL6005-TS)
Panel Clamps – Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Ground Screws – Galvanised steel S235

Solar arrays | Ground-mounted solar panels on screw foundations

The benefits of using RADIX Ground Screws to secure solar arrays of variable dimensions

RADIX Ground Screws provide greater levels of support for solar arrays than traditional footings, such as piles and concrete ballasts, as the continuous helix of a ground screw generates greater friction underground.

​Solar panels naturally have a large surface area to capture the sun’s rays, which in turn are affected by the wind. As illustrated in the infographic, the increased levels of friction created by the continuous helix provide each ground screw the capability to withstand significant horizontal and vertical uplift forces exceeding 15kN in suitable ground conditions.

These abilities make RADIX Ground Screws a superior foundation solution to secure your solar investments in challenging wind-exposed areas.

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Solar arrays | Ground-mounted solar panels on screw foundations

Solar arrays and ground screws

  • RADIX Ground Screws can be installed in remote and rural locations well-suited to solar arrays, where the installation of traditional foundations may not be possible.

  • Installation is efficient and causes minimal noise and disruption to surrounding communities and local businesses.

  • RADIX Ground Screws remove the need for digging up, damaging, or causing disturbance to natural habitats, landscapes, and surrounding trees and their root systems.

  • Ground screws are a sustainable, low-carbon alternative to concrete, with a galvanised steel coating that increases durability and resistance against corrosion to offer a lifespan of 60+ years.

  • RADIX Ground Screws can be installed at any time of the year in any weather, allowing for installation to continue throughout rainy or frosty seasons

  • As efficiently as their installation, ground screw foundations are easily removable at the end of a solar array’s lifespan while altogether removing the need for expensive and heavy

  • Solar arrays are often connected to BESS (battery energy storage systems) which can also be installed on ground screws or screw pile foundations

Features of the RADIX SolarTerrace Racking System

Solar arrays | Ground screw installations for solar mounting systems

Efficient foundations for solar arrays

The SolarTerrace racking system mounts securely to our low-carbon, low-impact screw piles foundations, allowing projects to get off the ground without delay.

Solar arrays | Aluminium rails

Solar array panel rails

The innovative rail design offers sections available in various sizes to deliver a strong structure at an economical cost.

Solar arrays | Securing solar panels to RADIX SolarTerrace racking system

Secure solar panel fixings

The patented clip design means clamps deliver a simple, easy and robust fixing to secure PV modules to the rails, saving time on site during installation.

Solar arrays | Corrosion resistant material | Solar mounting system

Corrosion resistant

Components are manufactured from stainless steel (SUS304) and aluminium (AL6005-TS) with 10μm anodisation, eliminating any corrosive reaction in even the harshest of environments, including areas with higher salinity.

Solar arrays | Ground-mounted solar terrace racking system

Rapid installation

Pre-assembled supports greatly reduce installation time and costs, offering a user-friendly solution that is easy to install for all scales of commercial and residential projects.

Solar arrays | Commercial solar project


The RADIX SolarTerrace system optimises the surface area for mounting a range of solar PV panels, while delivering a strong structure at lower cost.