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Screw foundations | Professional installations | RADIX

Screw Foundations Installed by Highly Experienced Professionals

RADIX prides itself in the high standards of our installations for any type of foundation project we do. No matter the size, or whether it is a private or commercial installation, our standards always remain the same.

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Screw foundations | Houses, garden rooms and garden offices

We install screw foundations for private clients and commercial projects

Whatever you are planning to build, whether it is a home office or a house extension, a large-scale solar farm or battery energy storage system, we can cut your programme lengths by up to 70%, saving you time and costs.

We not only have the best ground screw foundations and helical screw piles but also highly-experienced installation teams.

If you are unsure about the advantages of ground screws and screw piles or their suitability for your project, speak with us, gather the information you need, and then you can make an informed choice.

Commercial Projects Private Projects

Why use a professional installer?

Screw foundations | House builders

Supporting construction projects across the UK and beyond with our screw foundations

RADIX’s headquarters are in England and Scotland, and our accredited installation partners are strategically located throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our installation teams and supporting divisions are ready to assist you with our turnkey foundation solutions, which are designed to reduce your project’s costs and save you time while creating a more sustainable future.

  • Designing a comprehensive screw foundation solution
  • Conducting site surveys and load-testing for screw selections
  • Supplying and installing ground screws and helical screw piles
  • Supplying and installing efficient ground-mounted solar panels on our selection of solar mounting systems
  • Manufacturing and installing bespoke structural platforms, base systems and subframes
  • For solar projects, supplying and installing efficient ground-mounted solar panels systems and foundations

If you have a project outside the UK that requires our expertise, we are happy to share our knowledge and provide consultation or partner with you to make it happen.​

Get in touch to discuss how RADIX can take your next project forward.

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I needed to comply with building regs stipulations for foundations for a large garden cabin and they bent over backwards to work with my structural engineer to deliver a design to meet the requirements.

Very professional and nice to deal with. This is such a great innovation, so much better than pouring more concrete into the ground. NMD provided foundations for my kitchen extension and garden building. All was done in a day with a minimum of disruption. A fast efficient and much more sustainable method of making foundations for new structures.

Screw foundations | Installation process | RADIX

Our screw foundation installation process

From the moment we engage with you, right through to handing over to the team who will complete your building project, we will work tirelessly to meet your needs.

To generate a quote for how much your screw foundations will cost, we need to gather detailed information, test results and do calculations.

  • tick iconContact us with your building projects details for us to review and start our project planning and design stage.
  • tick iconWe carry out site surveys, load testing and determine the screws we chose were correct, and make adjustments if required.
  • tick iconWith all information gathered and a complete understanding of your project requirements and site, we design your screw foundation solution.
  • tick iconThe site is prepared, the screw foundations are installed, a subframe is added if required, and the work is thoroughly checked.
  • tick iconWe hand over to the next team who will be completing your construction project.

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Screw foundations | Load testing

Additional services that compliment the installation of your screw foundations

From layout to ready-to-use foundations – you will not have to worry about contracting out your foundation work again because RADIX provides a full turnkey solution for whatever you are building, as a private client or as a business.

We will review your data, design and plan the entire project, survey the site, conduct load tests, and finally install your screw foundations.

Site Surveys & Load Testing

Project Design & Planning

Reasons to use our accredited installation teams to install your screw foundations

There are many compelling reasons why it’s advisable to use professional ground screw installers for your project foundations, rather than attempting a DIY approach or employing an unqualified builder. With RADIX our nationwide installation teams go through a rigorous selection and training program to ensure you only receive the highest standards, best customer support and value from accredited installers who really know what they are doing.

Customised solutions

Our teams can provide tailored solutions based on the specific requirements of your project. They can assess the load requirements, soil type, and environmental conditions to determine the most suitable type and placement of ground screws.

Expertise and precision

Our accredited installation teams bring specialised knowledge and skills to the table. Their understanding of the intricacies involved in installing screw foundations ensures that the job is done with the utmost precision, which is vital for the stability and durability of the structure.

Time and cost-efficiency

Opting for our professional installations can be more cost-effective in the long run. Professionals can avoid the mistakes and inefficiencies common in DIY or unqualified installations, leading to a faster and more reliable installation process, cutting 70% off the average project time.

Environmental consideration

Our teams of installers are often more aware of and equipped to handle environmental concerns. Screw Foundations are more eco-friendly, and our professionals ensure that the process has minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Long-term reliability

With professional installations, you can expect a higher level of reliability and longevity from your screw foundations. Professionals ensure that the screws are installed to bear the required loads effectively over an extended period, reducing the likelihood of future problems.

Specialised equipment

Our professionals have access to specialised tools and machinery designed for ground screw installations. This equipment is crucial for handling different soil types and conditions, ensuring that the installation is not only effective but also safe.

Management of risk and obstacles

Our professional installation teams are trained to assess and manage risks associated with the installation. They understand how to navigate challenges like underground utilities, varying soil conditions, rocks and boulders, and environmental factors, reducing the likelihood of costly errors.

Enhanced safety during installation

Safety is a paramount concern in any construction-related activity. RADIX’s installers follow strict safety protocols to protect themselves, clients, and the fixture or structure during installation, minimising the risk of accidents.

Professional advice and support

Our experienced and friendly installation teams will keep you updated throughout the entire process, documenting all relevant information and providing you with any answers to your questions in a fully transparent and easy to understand manner.

Screw foundations | Screw piling for commercial projects

Screw foundations for commercial projects installed with RADIX’s advanced screw piling solutions

Our installation team and machines are ready to help you on any large-scale commercial projects, like BESS, Substations, Bridges and Holiday Lodge Parks on difficult terrain, where we will often need to use our extendable helical screw foundations and hydraulic installation machines.

If the ground conditions, topography and load demands mean we need to go deeper to gain maximum load-bearing capacities, or we need to level up the base, screw piling is the best solution.

Our commercial screw piling team are here, and ready to help you.

Screw Piling