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Foundations for house extensions | Sustainable construction

Foundations for House Extensions

Our range of ground screws and screw piles will provide a solid and secure foundation for your house extension that will last many years. Our team designs, plans, tests, and then rapidly installs our value-engineered foundations tailored to your exact needs.

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Foundations for house extensions | Screw foundations | RADIX

Sustainable foundations for house extensions

Concrete foundations are not your only option!

At RADIX, we apply our industry-leading knowledge and expertise to offer innovative foundation solutions for house extensions. Our advanced helical screw piles and ground screw foundations allow us to install secure, robust foundations swiftly, with limited ecological impact. The result? A highly secure and cost-effective foundation.​

RADIX’s sustainable screws represent a fundamental shift in how house extensions are done, delivering immediate benefits while building towards a more sustainable future.

The most common types of foundations used in house extensions include concrete slab foundations, strip foundations, raft foundations, trench fill, and pile foundations. Today, customers want better alternatives, and RADIX’s innovative foundations filling this gap

Contact us with information about what you are planning to build, and we can review it and get back to you. Any technical information you need, we can provide.

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The advantages of using screw foundations for house extensions

The beauty of our screw piling solution lies in its simplicity. RADIX’s screws replace conventional concrete foundations with a faster and cost-effective solution. Without the need for excavation or curing time of traditional foundations, your house extension project can start immediately after installation.

ground screw installation | screw piles

Rapid installation

Our screw foundations can be installed quickly, significantly reducing construction time and costs. Our expert teams swiftly install the screws using screw drives, that can access difficult to reach locations.

all weather ground screw installation

Instant foundations

Once the screws are installed, loads can be instantly applied to them, unlike concrete which is limited by season, weather conditions and curing time. Extremely high loads can be supported, so your house extension will be secure

ground screws level sloping ground


Screw foundations are suitable for various soil types, making them versatile foundation options. With most types of ground, soil conditions and ground slope, our screws will work perfectly.

ground screws don't damage trees


They cause less soil disturbance due to no excavation or soil removal, and machinery used, thus minimising environmental impact. Screws hold less embodied carbon than concrete and are the most sustainable foundation for your house extension.

save time and money with ground screw foundations


Due to the installation process, speed and efficiency, they are often more affordable than traditional methods, making them a cost-effective foundation for home extensions.

ground screw foundations overcome access issues


Our installation teams and advanced machinery can easily access narrow passages and difficult to reach locations. However challenging your access is, we will find a solution to build your house extension’s foundations.

Why choose RADIX for your foundations?

Choosing the right foundation is crucial for the stability and longevity of your house extension. RADIX has specially designed extendable screw piles and ground screw foundations for houses and SIP buildings that are fast to install, highly secure, strong, and a better alternative to concrete foundations.

Look at the comparison between ground screws vs. concrete, or screw piles vs. concrete, for a better understanding of the benefits.

Expertise and experience

With years of experience, RADIX offers unparalleled expertise in ground screw and screw pile engineering, efficiency and performance. We tailor-make your solution and have the largest stock of screws in the UK, so we can quickly get to work with our installation teams, who are strategically placed throughout the country.

Customised solutions

Understanding that each project is unique, RADIX provides customised foundation designs to meet specific site challenges and requirements. We tailor our solutions to exactly fit every individual customer, private or commercial.

Sustainable practices

RADIX is committed to reducing environmental impact, helping companies hit net zero, and having sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. Our screws and helical screw piles have a low environmental impact, holding less embodied carbon than concrete.

Installation efficiency

RADIX prides itself on the speed and efficiency of every installation we do, ensuring your house extension project progresses swiftly without compromising quality. Hitting deadlines and coming in on budget!

Cost-effective approach

We offer cost-effective foundation solutions without sacrificing durability or stability, ensuring your investment is protected. The speed of installation, lower labour costs, less surrounding damage, and no excavation or soil removal all count to a reduced cost.

Comprehensive service

From initial consultation to final installation, RADIX provides a full range of services, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our teams are approachable, knowledgeable, and totally professional.

Foundations for house extensions | Installation process

The process for building house extensions on our sustainable foundations

At RADIX, we offer a turnkey solution to creating the foundations for building extensions of all scales, leaving you with robust foundations you can build on immediately.

Design and planning

  • Initial Consultation: Understanding client needs and extension specifications.
  • Site Analysis: Assessing soil type, loads, and environmental factors.
  • Designing Foundations: Customising screw piles or ground screw solutions.

​Site surveys and ground preparation

  • Detailed Site Survey: Identifying potential challenges.
  • Load Testing: Verifying the solution’s load-handling capacity.
  • Preparing the Site: Clearing and adjusting the area for installation.


  • Installation Process: Driving in the screws to the required depth.
  • Quality Checks: Ensuring integrity and stability post-installation.
  • Structural Platform: Add the house extension base to the screws if requested.

​Building the house extension

  • Building the Extension: Construction begins instantly.
  • Inspection and Approval: Final checks by relevant authorities.

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An all-in-one service for delivering our sustainable foundations for house extensions

Ground screws and screw piles | Load testing equipment

Site Surveys & Load Testing

We can provide the empirical data on which ground screws and screw piles are specified for your project.

Ground screws and screw piles | Project design and planning

Project Design & Planning

Our experienced team can help design the foundations and structural base to meet your project specifications.

Screw foundations | Professional installation | RADIX

Professional Installations

Our experienced installation teams are ready to help you with any type of project, anywhere in the