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Making a positive environmental impact together with every project.

Every project installed on low-carbon ground screws helps protect our environment by avoiding digging up and damaging natural habitats or relying on carbon-heavy concrete to build foundations. At RADIX, we are going the extra depth to support projects and organisations making a positive difference on our world.

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Trees for Life

We are proud to be a Trees for Life Silver Partner, supporting their work revitalising natural habitats across the Scottish Highlands with native tree species, helping to restore and protect the countries rich habitats and abundant wildlife.

Trees Planted
We have funded the planting of 508 native saplings around the Scottish Highlands.
5.08 t
Once mature, each tree will absorb 10 kg of CO2 per year – that’s over five tonnes for our trees! *
Trees for Life has created ten new red squirrel populations and reintroduced almost 200 squirrels.
planting seagrass in the UK

Project Seagrass

We are proud to have been a Bronze Corporate Sponsor for Project Seagrass, supporting their work to plant seagrass around the UK’s and helping revitalise important coastal habitats.

Seagrass Planted
We have supported the planting of approximately 1,650 Zostera Marina seagrass seeds around the UK.
Surface Area
Our seagrass, once fully grown, will cover approximately 33m2 of the UK’s coastal seabeds.
Our seagrass will cover approximately the equivalent area of one-and-a-quarter double-decker buses!
sustainability using low-carbon foundations

Many hands make light work

Join us, and let’s make an even bigger difference together

If you would like to help support these fantastic organisations and make an impact in protecting our environment, please pop over to the sites below and join us in planting more and more seagrass around the UK and native Scottish trees.

Plant seagrass today

Plant trees today

* CO2 figures are based on conservative estimates produced by the research carried out by One Tree Planted – https://onetreeplanted.org/blogs/stories/how-much-co2-does-tree-absorb