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Site surveys and load-testing service | RADIX

Site Surveys and Load Testing Service

To help select the correct ground screw or screw pile for your project, we carry out site surveys and load-bearing tests. The data collected proves the capabilities of using screw foundations for your project.

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Providing the empirical data your project needs with site surveys and load testing

At RADIX, we support our clients in all stages of their projects, from planning and design to manufacturing and deployment. RADIX Ground Screws and Extendable Screw Piles support buildings and structures across all sectors. Whether you’re embarking on commercial or residential developments, understanding their load-bearing capacities in site-specific ground conditions is paramount

​By attending and completing site investigations and site-specific ground tests, we can provide empirical data to determine the ground screw or screw pile specifications and confirm load-bearing capacities to meet your project requirements and satisfy engineers. Our teams are seasoned experts in conducting site-specific surveys and screw pile testing, having successfully tested to depths exceeding 16m and 200kN per screw pile, as well as in a variety of challenging locations and ground types.

We can carry out site-specific ground tests for projects across the UK and Ireland. Our project design and planning service and installation services complete the turnkey solution for commercial and private projects that need foundations. For Large scale commercial projects we will mainly deploy our screw piling division.

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What type of testing is required for various projects?

Testing is critical for understanding the load-bearing capacities of our ground screw or screw pile foundations in the various ground conditions that might be encountered across a site, especially where the ground is soft or silty, chalky, or where additional forces might be experienced such as from wind.

​Buildings and structures of significant scale and weight, such as housing, holiday lodges, battery storage units, bridges, etc., should be supported by an engineer to correctly specify the groundworks and required loading values to support your project.

Structures with large surface areas, such as ground-mounted solar panels, event staging, or art installations, require tensile testing to measure the uplift forces that will impact the structure, especially in open and wind-exposed locations.

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Site surveys and load testing | Screw pile foundations

Our specialist teams can support you during and ahead of planning applications

At RADIX, our technicians carry out tests using our range of precise site testing equipment.

With capabilities to record compression values exceeding 200kN and tensile forces up to 120kN per screw, we can either test to achieve the required loads as specified by your engineers per screw pile or ground screw and test to failure if the required loads are not yet known.

RADIX ground screws and screw pile foundations can be tested on-site for compression, vertical uplift, and horizontal load-bearing capacities to engineers’ specifications and to EN 1997-1 (EC7), deploying screws of various diameters and lengths specific to project requirements.

Once we understand the requirements of your project and anticipated loadings on its foundations, we will organize a program of works to install and test a series of screw piles at your site and to the depths required to reach load-bearing strata.

During the testing process, deflection on the ground screw or extendable screw pile is carefully monitored and recorded, with pressure applied incrementally into the system to simulate loads right up to the engineer’s required specified load or through to the point of failure.

Values are transferred to a digital graph for reference, delivered within a comprehensive report outlining typical ground conditions and highlighting any issues to report for subsequent sign-off by the project engineer. The report will specify the screw pile foundation solution and their loadings to safely secure your project.

Get the empirical data required for your project and contact our experts today. Have a look at our load-testing equipment that we use and is available for purchase.

With head offices based in Essex and Dundee, and installation partners across the country, our screw piling engineers support projects across all corners of the UK.

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Learn more about the benefits for the environment by switching to RADIX sustainable foundations.  See how we can aid you in hitting your net-zero targets with a value-engineered foundation solution.