19 May 2023

As the largest screw pile company in the UK, we just extended our screw pile range!

Following the success of our RDX EXT 76mm, we are proud to introduce the latest evolution of RADIX Extendable Screw Piles in 89mm and 114mm diameters.

Our comprehensive range of extendable screw piles with octagonal coupling design offers an efficient and dynamic foundation solution for your projects that saves time, reduces costs, and helps protect our environment by avoiding carbon-heavy concrete.

Helical Piles | RADIX Screw Pile Foundations

A screw pile company with a product you can trust

  • Achieve the load-bearing capacities required even in soft or waterlogged ground, with installation reaching the firm substrate below.
  • Reduce costs by avoiding the need for extensive and costly excavations and the removal of spoils from sites.
  • Rapidly bring up levels over areas of sloping and uneven ground.
  • Utilise the full range of extensions to elevate projects to their required heights.

As a leading screw pile company in the UK, we support projects across all sectors, from the leisure and tourism industry and providing sustainable foundations for log cabins in remote locations to the renewable energy sector and securing all capacities of solar farms and battery energy storage systems. Contact our screw piling division with any questions you have.

Helical screw piles for battery storage units (BESS)

Comprising three core components—screws, extensions, and flanges—RADIX Extendable Screw Piles are available in a range of diameters and lengths to meet your project requirements.

A series of helical extensions can also be introduced into the system to increase load-bearing capacities significantly.

Each flange offers a captive nut and several attachment points for securing your projects with our range of universal fittings. If required, we have the expertise and capabilities to design and manufacture bespoke extensions and fittings using state-of-the-art laser and plasma-cutting technology to support the specifications of any unique project requirements.

All RADIX Extendable Screw Piles go through hot-dip galvanising according to DIN EN ISO 1461 to provide long-lasting protection and increased life expectancy. Look at the technical information and process all our screws go through, to assure you of the quality we deliver.

Helical screw piles |  extension

Screw pile supply and installation services

RADIX is the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of professional ground screws, extendable screw piles, industry-leading installation and testing equipment, and a range of ground screw machines

With high stock capacities exceeding 20,000 screws ready for immediate dispatch from our UK-based warehouses, we are the partner you can rely on to support your business and project needs.

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