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89mm Screw Pile | RADIX EXT Range

Screw Pile | RADIX EXT Range

89mm Screw Pile

The RADIX EXT 89mm Screw Pile range consists of a screw tip, variable extensions, and a helical attachment which is topped by a reinforced flange.

Our 89mm screw pile and extensions can support a variety of different structures and are specifically designed to work in various ground conditions.

Screw Tip Lengths (mm):
1550, 2050

Extension Lengths (mm):
1000, 1500, 2000

Helical Extension Lengths (mm):

220mm flange, with M24 captive nut

Please contact us with any questions about our range of extendable screw pile foundations, or if you need help selecting the best solution for what you are planning to build. We can supply all the technical information you may need.


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The applications you can build on RADIX’s extendable screw pile range

Screw foundation piles have been used  to support a variety of different applications. From foundations for houses, BESS projects, static houses and a variety of bridges, to name a few.

Our screw piling installation team are highly experienced at installing foundations for all types of structures regardless of project demands, timelines, and site conditions.


Projects built on RADIX’s screw pile foundations

Our case studies page demonstrates the variety of different structures that have been built on screw pile foundations.

Case Studies

* RADIX Screw Piles must be selected based on static calculations and results of site-specific ground testing. The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by insufficient or incorrect selection of screw piles.