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114mm Screw Pile | RADIX EXT Range

Screw Pile | RADIX EXT Range

114mm Screw Pile

Our most robust screw pile foundation system, RADIX EXT 114mm Screw Piles combine a series of screw tips, extensions and flanges that offer versatility and the ability to reach depths that are often required to achieve the maximum load-bearing capacities demanded by certain structures.

Screw Tip Lengths (mm):
1550, 2050

Extension Lengths (mm):
1000, 1500, 2000

Helical Extension Lengths (mm):

220mm flange, with M24 captive nut

If you have any question about our extendable range of screw pile foundations, or you require technical information, then please contact us.


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Screw pile foundations | Pedestrian bridge

Our extendable screw pile range works for a variety of different applications

Our range of screw piles and extensions can be applied to all types of structures based upon their weight and site conditions. We have installed screw pile foundations for house extensions and a variety of other buildings, as well as projects in the renewable energy sector.

We have experienced screw piling teams located throughout the UK ready to help your project hit its deadlines and budgets no matter the size or difficulty level.


Projects built on extendable screw pile foundations

See what it is possible to build on our low-carbon screw pile foundations below, and visit our case studies for even more inspiration.

Case Studies

* RADIX Screw Piles must be selected based on static calculations and results of site-specific ground testing. The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by insufficient or incorrect selection of screw piles.