Ground-mounted solar panels | Wales

Ground-mounted solar panels racking system, 15kW, Wales

Supply and installation of RADIX Ground Screw foundations and the RADIX SolarTripod ground-mounted solar panel racking system for a 15kW solar array in Monmouthshire, Wales.

Ground-mounted solar panels | Racking System | Wales


Securing a ground-mounted solar panels racking system over sloping ground

A private customer was granted planning permission for a 15-kW single solar array comprising 44 panels. The RADIX SolarTripod offers a compact racking solution with portrait-mounted solar panels to maximise the potential use of space, all securely anchored on ground screw foundations. RADIX was used because our experience with solar farms, BESS projects, and domestic solar mounting solutions, sets us apart from our competition.

The customer’s site had a difference of 1.4m in height over the full length of the array. As this was not in the original scope of the planning application, our installation team had to change and adapt to keep the cost down as well as comply with the granted planning.

Ground-mounted solar panels | ground screws foundations and racking system | Wales


Efficient foundations for ground-mounted solar panels on RADIX solar mounting solutions

A combination of 24 no. 1250mm and 24 no. 1550mm RADIX PRO Ground Screws were supplied and installed, running a string line that followed the gradient of the ground to measure out the screw positions along the site.

Once the ground screws were in, the team could continue with the installation of the RADIX SolarTripod racking system, securely anchored on the ground screw foundations below.

The installation was completed in less than a day, allowing for solar modules to be mounted immediately, including 44 solar panels, two 7.5kW hybrid inverters, and 10kW battery storage units.

Ground-mounted solar panel solutions for all project sizes

No matter the size of your solar project, we can help you with a bespoke solution. From domestic solar arrays to large commercial solar farms, RADIX has the products and teams ready to install your solar mounting systems, efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us to either do the whole project for you or supply you with the screws, solar mounts, and equipment you need to do the project yourself.