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Foundations for Commercial Projects – Professional Installations

RADIX can rapidly install foundations for a variety of different projects, no matter the scale, across all different commercial sectors. A modern solution, that is not only strong and secure but cost-effective. Book a consultation so we can review your project, and design an optimised solution for the foundations.

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Foundations | Screw piling | BESS project

Innovative and sustainable foundations for commercial projects in the UK and abroad

At RADIX, our head offices are located in England and Scotland, with installation partners throughout the UK and in Ireland. Our core business for commercial projects is within the UK but we do service clients in other countries as well.

We work with businesses, developers, councils, architects and engineers to lay the foundations for their projects. We have done foundations for houses, solar farms, BESS, infrastructure projects, and transportation structures, to name but a few.

​As the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of ground screw foundations and screw pile foundations, we are ready to help you at any time of the year and in any weather, for even the most time-critical projects. We collaborate with you to design, plan and then implement a process that results in sustainable foundations being installed to securely support whatever structure you are installing.

  • Foundation analysis with site surveys and load-bearing tests
  • Design and planning a comprehensive foundation solution
  • The supply and installation our screw piles or ground screw foundations
  • Supplying and Installing racking systems for ground-mounted solar panels
  • Manufacturing and installing bespoke base systems and subframes

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The advantages of our foundations, machinery, and installations for commercial projects

BESS | Foundations on screw piles | UK

A high load bearing foundation solution

With a single RADIX Ground Screw or screw pile capable of supporting point loads over 75kN, our groundbreaking foundation system provides a robust and sustainable base suited to projects of all scales and complexities across various sectors.

We have developed a hybrid screw pile, that replaces the need for typical piling and concrete foundations for many types of projects.

The load-bearing capacity of our screw piles, when installed and laid out correctly can support substantial weights.

Foundations | Ground screw installation for pedestrian bridge

Supporting commercial projects with minimal damage or disruption while being a cost-effective solution

One of the significant benefits of our foundations is their ability to be installed rapidly without extensive excavations and expensive removal of spoils from the site, minimising the impact on commuters, the local community, and surrounding businesses.

Our time-saving installations reduce the risk of costly delays and help you hit deadlines. With us their is no waiting for concrete to cure!

Foundations | Ground screw installations on sloping ground

Adaptability, versatility and sustainability targets

Our screw piles can bring up levels quickly over sloping, uneven and soft ground.

Our sustainable foundations can be removed easily, which makes them suitable for temporary structures as well as long-term projects.

In addition to their reusability, our foundations contain less than 50% of the embodied carbon when compared to concrete. These facts will help companies reach their sustainability targets and help contribute to a net zero future. At RADIX we believe in sustainable construction and this starts with building on sustainable foundations.

Ground screw machines | Commercial installations | UK

Overcoming challenging conditions with industry-leading foundation installation equipment

Our powerful but agile hydraulic installation machines can manoeuvre and operate around challenging locations while delivering in excess of 20,000Nm of torque to ensure Our foundations are installed to load-bearing depths in even the most demanding conditions, including cold winters and frozen, hard-packed ground.

You can be confident in delivering your project on time with our products, machinery and highly experienced team.

When Reforesting Scotland were looking for a low-impact foundation solution for their Hut Of Wellbeing project, RADIX came up with the answer. Ground Screws allowed us to achieve a robust and level base for the project over the area of sloping ground and reach the load-bearing depths required. We cannot speak too highly of the company, the product and the team, they are without doubt exceptional.

We’ve worked with the team from Radix for some years now and always find them to be a fantastic asset to our business. Their knowledge and understanding of ground conditions and levels is amazing. When we’re concerned as to the suitability of a site for one of our Garden Rooms, they’ll happily attend a pre install visit and always find a way to make it work.

Installing your foundations

We have developed a seamless process to quickly install the foundations for all types of commercial projects. Every commercial installation has its challenges but our team have the experience to deal with any unforeseen obstacles or challenges that may arise. With the support of our other divisions, and under the watchful eyes of our management team, you can feel rest assured that your project will be completed on time, if not quicker.

Cabins | Sustainable construction and foundations

Engage with us to explain your project

To undertake a detailed analysis we require as much data as possible. We need information about what you are building, the sites location, ground conditions and soil reports, engineer reports, architects drawings, access points and anything else we deem necessary. Each project is different, so the required information we need will vary.

Foundations | Load testing equipment | RADIX

Project analysis and Preliminary quote

Once we understand your project requirements and have gathered all the necessary data, we can calculate a preliminary quote. We will then need to do a site visit, conduct site surveys and load testing in order to select the best screws for your specific project.


RADIX | Design and planning services

Design and Planning of your projects foundations

At this stage our project design and planning team take over. Once they have gathered all the technical information from onsite data, communicating with you and sourcing other information online, they will fully design the entire foundation solution. The layout, installation process and the design and planning documentation will be organised. If quotes are needed to be updated, we will communicate this to you.

Ground screws | Installations | RADIX

Choosing the correct screws for your projects foundations

Through all the information we have gathered about your project requirements, with a key emphasis placed on the load capacity and depth requirements to achieve structural stability, we can select the correct screws. We have screws that are just over 2 meters and extendable screw piles that can reach whatever depth is required.

Ground screw installations | Sustainable foundations | RADIX

Our installation team install your foundations

Using the latest installation machines specifically designed for our types of foundations, our team will carry out the installations making sure everything is perfectly aligned. We constantly inspect and test throughout the process. Any unexpected obstacles that were in the ground or unforeseen issues will be swiftly overcome.

Timber frame base for log cabin | RADIX

Project completion

Once the foundations are in place, and all documentation has been updated, we would add a base system, steel structural platform or wooden base frame, if you contracted us do so. All that is left is our final checks, issuing a certificate to load and the next stage of your project can now commence. Throughout the entire process we are by your side, ready to help and ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Some of the projects we have installed for commercial clients

Sustainable construction | RADIX foundations

Sustainable construction and hitting net-zero

We aim to hit net-zero as a company as soon as we can, and also help other businesses reach their targets.

RADIX fully supports sustainable construction techniques and building a better future for all. There are many benefits to our foundations regarding sustainability and environmental impact, so learn more about how we are trying to help build a greener future for us and other businesses.

Sustainability Screw Piles vs. Concrete