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Foundations for private projects | Professional ground screw installations

Foundations for Private Projects – Professional Installations

Stop digging for concrete foundations. Our installation teams can quickly install eco-friendlier and more cost-effective screw foundations for whatever project you are planning to build. Speak with us, find out more, and get a quote. Save your time, energy, and money for better things.

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Foundations | Base frame on screw foundations

A modern foundation solution, installed by specialists for all types of structures around your house

With RADIX’s innovative, sustainable foundations, we can streamline your construction process and focus on bringing your dream project to life sooner rather than later.

At RADIX, we understand the importance of a solid foundation for your construction project. However, digging concrete supports can be exhausting and labor-intensive. That’s why we offer a superior solution – our ground screw foundations and installation services.

Whether it’s a wooden deck, fence, staircase, house extension, garden room, shed, or playhouse for the kids in your back garden, our ground screw anchors will help you complete your project efficiently.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of digging and embrace the convenience and simplicity of our modern ground screw anchors installed by professional fitters.

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Foundations | Garden decking installed on screws

Why use our installers for your foundations?

Save your time and effort and let us install strong, stable, and cost-effective foundations for you.

Apart from being highly professional, friendly, and transparent, our teams have vast experience from the amount of installations they have carried out around the country. Our installers have the skills to overcome extremely challenging conditions that you can often face when installing foundations.

All of our installation teams have gone through a detailed training program and are highly experienced in every aspect of site surveys and load testing, site preparation, handling obstacles, screw selection, technical calculations, and installations with various ground screw machines.​

If you are unsure of what to do, please take advantage of our team’s experience and let them do the installations for you. Do not risk the integrity of your structure with low-quality ground screws or poorly installed foundations. Have a look at our ground screw foundations and screw pile foundations, then contact us!

Reasons to use professionals

The advantages of ground screws and screw piles

Our process for installing your foundations

The installation process is fast and relatively easy, depending on site conditions. Our installers are vastly experienced in dealing with any obstacles or unforeseen issues that may arise, however prepared they are. The objective is simple: to get in and out of your personal space as fast as possible but never at the expense of quality.

Foundations | Granny Annex

Speak with us about your project and the type of foundations required

Contact us and give us as much detail as possible about what you are building, the site location, ground conditions, access points and anything else you deem necessary. If you have plans, drawings, product information, engineer reports or other relevent information, then send it.

Foundations | Load testing and installation service

Site survey and load testing for choose the best foundations

If we have not already visited the site and tested the ground conditions, we will do so and then put the design and project plan into action, carefully measuring out the installation spots and height levels to produce perfectly level foundations that are highly secure, long lasting and robust.

Architects drawings | Private building project

Full project analysis and creating a plan for installing your foundations

Once we understand your project requirements, our team will design the layout of your foundations. Depending on the project we may have to do a site visit to make sure our calculations are correct. Any foundations need to be taken seriously and installed by qualified professionals.

Foundations | Ground screw installations

Screw selection based on project needs

The correct screws will have already been selected based on your project requirements, with a key emphasis placed on the load capacity and depth requirements to achieve optimisation. If changes need to be made due to soil and load tests, our installers will do so and inform you of the differences.

Foundations | Sustainable construction with screw foundations

Your foundations are quickly installed

Using the correct ground screw driver or ground screw machines on tracks the screws are installed perfectly and our team will make sure everything is perfectly aligned and secure. Any obstacles in the ground or unexpected issues will be swiftly overcome.

Sustainable construction | Foundations and subframe

Your project is completed to the agreed stage

If your project requires it, we can design, manufacture and install a bespoke timber or light gauge steel base system for you. If not we would be finished after the foundations are in place for the next stage of your build.

High quality screw foundations done quickly, with no mess or damage to our environment, and at a cost-effective price!

You can build a variety of different structures on our foundations

Below are some of the structures our low-carbon foundations are supporting, but please visit our applications page for more, or please contact us if you have any questions about a project you are working on.