Ground Screw Equipment
BAYO.S 1:150 Gearbox Kit

Powered by the EIBENSTOCK EHB 32, the Gearbox 1:150 delivers a maximum 5,000Nm of torque, aimed toward the professional installer and suited to installing ground where greater capacity may be required.

Key Features:

  • Power Input: 1,800 W
  • Rated Voltage: 110v~ or 230v~
  • Rated Output: 60-140/200-470 rpm
  • Spindle Connection: MT3
  • Collar Diameter: 46 mm
  • Weight (Gearbox + EHB 32): 34.45 kg

Download Data Sheet

BAYO•S 1:150 Gearbox Kit video
BAYO•S 1:150 Gearbox Kit spirit level


Onboard spirit-level to help guide your installations.

BAYO•S 1:150 Gearbox Kit speed control


A precision gearbox with quick controls for direction and speed

BAYO•S 1:150 Gearbox Kit shear pin


An internal shear pin can be replaced in the event of over-loading

BAYO•S 1:150 Gearbox Kit storage box


A secure carry case is included for safely storing and transporting your new ground screw install machine.