06 Dec 2023

RADIX Ground Screw Company named The Most Innovative Sustainable Construction Company

Building a Better Future Through Sustainable Construction

We are proud that RADIX was named the Most Innovative Sustainable Construction Company in the SME News Scottish Enterprise Awards 2023, this month.

This recognition continues to fuel our passion for pioneering our efficient and low-carbon ground screw foundation solutions for the construction industry, helping save time, money, and the planet.

RADIX wins most sustainable construction company 2023

Sustainable Construction Starts with Sustainable Foundations

RADIX Ground Screws and Screw Pile Foundations allow customers to build faster, reducing programme lengths by up to 70% compared with traditional concrete foundations, and minimise the environmental impact of projects with a foundation solution that contains less than half the embodied carbon (CO2e).

Ground screw foundations also provide a low-impact solution, removing the need for extensive and damaging excavations during installation and reducing the removal of spoils and the number of vehicle movements which increase the overall carbon footprint of projects.

Our Ground Screw range delivers a sustainable base for projects of all scales across key sectors, including renewable energyleisure and tourism, and residential

ground-mounted solar panels on RADIX Ground Screws

Our ground screws have been installed to depths exceeding 16 metres to support a 39m road and pedestrian bridge, provide the base to a 1 ½-storey eco-house, secure 500kW Ground-Mounted Solar Panels, and deliver the foundations for many holiday park log cabins across the UK.

eco-house on screw piles foundations

The use of ground screws continues to expand into new markets and applications, delivering an efficient, low-carbon, and low-impact solution in all cases, most recently supporting temporary classrooms while existing school buildings are resurfaced and repaired from crumbling concrete. For expert screw foundation installations, speak with us and let our teams show you the advantages of ground screws and screw piles for your project.

We are proud that RADIX has been recognised for our efforts in supporting a net-zero future with our innovative and sustainable ground screw foundation solutions, and we will continue to develop these to further support the construction industry and protect our environment.

Callum Milne | RADIX Director Callum Milne Director, RADIX

Together, we can support a net-zero future on the right foundations.

Learn more about our low-carbon ground screws and the work we are doing to promote sustainability on projects at https://radixgroup.co.uk/sustainability

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