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Eco Building, Eco-friendly House on Sustainable Screw Pile Foundations

We were approached to complete the survey, load testing, and reporting for a 1 ½-storey eco-friendly house in Scotland, followed up with the supply and installation of RADIX Screw Pile foundations and bespoke structural brackets for the ring beam.

Main Contractor, Alpha Projects

Dundee, Scotland

Foundations for Houses




Foundations for houses | Screw piling


A project driven by sustainable building materials and construction

The ethos behind the project is to design and build a comfortable dwelling in its natural location as sustainably as possible.

Screw piles were the preferred solution to minimise environmental impact, containing less than 50% of the embodied carbon (CO2e) than a comparable concrete base.

The programme of works required screw pile foundations to be installed at an early stage and as efficiently as possible for the build to commence as quickly as possible, with a secondary visit scheduled to install ground screw foundations for the areas of decking, walkways, and a timber frame bike shed adjacent to the property.

eco house screw pile foundations


Low-carbon, low-impact foundations for an eco-house

Site Survey & Load Testing

Working with the project engineers, we deployed ‘REX’ our hydraulic installation rig along with our bespoke static load test equipment to verify the suitability of ground conditions, ensuring the engineers were able to specify the correct specification of screw pile foundations

Screw Pile Foundations

RADIX EXT 89mm Screw Piles with bespoke helical fittings and structural brackets were specified for the project’s main structure foundations, installed to depths of approximately 5.0m to support the main structural ring beam configuration.

RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws are also specified and scheduled to be installed in the New Year for decking, walkways and a timber frame bike shed.

Phase One: Q4 2022: Supply and installation of 78 no. RADIX 89mm Extendable Screw Piles and structural brackets to meet the performance requirements of the project engineers, with a bespoke structural ring beam installed by the main contractor, Alpha Projects.

Phase Two: Q1 2023: Supply and installation of 58 no. RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws and structural bracketry to accommodate various raised walkways, decking, and outbuildings.