scottish crannog visitor centre on ground screws

The Scottish Crannog Visitor Centre, Loch Tay

In collaboration with project architects and engineers, RADIX supplied and installed extendable ground screws as a low-impact, screw pile foundation solution for a modular building to be the new Scottish Crannog Visitor Centre.

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JML Contracts, with LDN Architects

Loch Tay, Kenmore, Scotland

Visitor Centre at The Scottish Crannog Centre

Site survey, load testing and reporting
Supply and installation of screw piles
Supply and installation of bespoke pile caps

• 44 no. RADIX Extendable Screw Piles, 89mm diameter to 5.0m depth
• Bespoke pile caps to interface with modular building structural frame

The scottish crannog visitor centre on ground screws 1

Low-impact, temporary ground screw pile foundations

The Scottish Crannog Centre required a sustainable and low-impact foundation solution to support their new Visitor Centre set on the idyllic shores of Loch Tay.

The Visitor Centre would comprise two new modular eco-buildings that would be interlinked. One of the buildings accommodates a museum and staff office whilst the other a new reception, retail area and café facility.

A solution was required to address their need for a temporary foundation, as the plan is to relocate the modular buildings to another area of the site and enable the future expansion of the Iron Age Village.

As the centre is situated in a preservation area, the surrounding trees are under a tree protection order and cannot be disturbed or uprooted. Ground conditions also required a piled foundation to transfer axial loads to the load-bearing ground. To ensure there is no damage to the surrounding environment and guarantee a stable foundation RADIX specified a sustainable ground screw pile solution.


The scottish crannog visitor centre on ground screws 11

Reversible foundation solution in a preservation area

RADIX Screw Piles are a low-impact alternative to traditional foundations and a fantastic method for securing temporary structures. Each screw pile can be removed easily without causing damage to the surrounding landscape, allowing the site to be returned to its natural state or repurposed for future development and protecting neighbouring verdant terrain from upheaval. 

This solution was ideal for the centre to ensure their plans for relocating the modular build visitor centre would be achievable in the future.

We installed 44 no. RADIX EXT Screw Piles using our hydraulic and agile tracked installation machine, DUG. With DUG's assistance, our expert installation team installed each screw pile to approximately 5.0m to ensure good load-bearing capacity. Installation was completed over two days and ahead of the contract programme.

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