Solar Arrays | 100kW ground-mounted solar panels

Solar Arrays on Screw Foundations, 100 kW, SPS Fauldhouse

Site Survey and Ground Screw Installation for a 100kW Solar PV System at SPS Fauldhouse, including ground-mounted solar panel racking systems.

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SPS Fauldhouse

100kW Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

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ground screw test | ground-mounted solar panels


Overcoming challening, water-logged ground

The area of ground for this project is subject to heavy water-logging, regularly becoming saturated in wet weather.

Ground levels varied up to 550mm across the entire site, including a large dip towards the middle.

A short programme of works was required to provide a rapid resolution and ensure installation would cause minimum disruption to the client.

Ground-mounted solar panels | ground screw foundations and racking system


A solar array secured over saturated ground

Site Survey & Load Testing

Our team completed a pre-installation site survey and site-specific ground tests to check load-bearing capacities, ensuring solar panels would be securely anchored and capable of withstanding uplift forces caused by wind.

Ground Screw Installation

To contend with the ground levels and saturated ground, a range of our 1.5m and longer 2.0m RDX PRO RF140 76mm ground screws were deployed to provide a stable, level foundation that penetrated deep enough to meet the performance requirements of the project.

Installation was completed in five working days, ready for solar PV panels to be installed without delay.

RADIX now has the choice of three ground-mounted solar panel racking systems. Whatever type of solar array you need to be installed, we work with our partners to deliver you an operational system.

RADIX SolarTerrace

RADIX SolarTripod

RADIX SolarMount