temporary scaffolding foundations | powerline upgrade

Temporary Foundations for Scaffold and Safety Netting, Ground Screw Installation

Supply, installation, and removal of ground screw foundations to support scaffold and overhead safety netting during a power line upgrade project over a railway line.

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North East Scotland

Temporary Scaffolding

Temporary Foundations



Ground Screws | Load testing for temporary foundations | Scaffolding Project


Temporary Foundations that can be reused

Strong and stable foundations for scaffolding

Ground screw foundations were required to foot the temporary scaffolds on either side of the North Eastern railway line along the River Islay, Moray, to accommodate safety netting while overhead power line upgrades were being completed.

The site’s ground conditions were poor, requiring consideration during testing and planning for screw pile foundations.

Temporary scaffolding | Removable foundations


Ground Screw foundations installed and removed without impact or delay

Executing static load tests according to BS EN 1997-1:2004 (EC 7.7), ground screw piles were specified for the project with a schedule of work detailing the required installation and removal of screws.

Poor ground conditions were overcome by installing screw piles at key load-bearing points for the scaffold uprights.

Our installation division arrived at site, deploying the Mazaka 600 Hydraulic Installation Rig (Ground screw machine) to drive in the 60 RDX PRO Ground Screws required for the project, and installing adapter plates to each screw to create a robust base for the scaffolding to sit on.

Upon completion of the power line upgrade, our team returned to remove all 60 screws, leaving no trace of the foundations.

For all temporary buildings and portable structures, ground screws and screw pile foundations work well. Contact us if we can help you with any project that needs foundations.