Ground Screw Starter Kits
Equipping you with everything you need to start installing sustainable foundations

Ground screws are revolutionising projects across the world, offering a robust and sustainable foundation solution that can be installed rapidly for projects across all sectors with minimal impact on the environment.

At RADIX, we offer a comprehensive range of starter kits to suit projects of all sizes, including installation equipment and supply of ground screws and fittings.

Join the revolution and start installing ground screws today, exploring our starter kits below.

ground screw installation and testing starter kit

Installation & Testing
Take your ground screw installation to a new level

Alongside our range of professional installation tools, we can equip your team with the site surveying and load testing apparatus needed to ensure you can provide customers with the empirical data required for their projects.

Get in touch with our friendly team today, and they'll be happy to get you kitted out with everything you need.