01 Nov 2022

Screw Piles for BESS projects throughout the UK

RADIX Screw Piles are supporting tonnes of renewable energy projects

Partners, Red Leaf Group, are taking advantage of RADIX Screw Piles to secure renewable energy projects across the UK and significantly reduce programme times.

Among these is a 100MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) project, with three 6m and eight 12m PCS units sitting securely anchored on 98 RADIX Extendable Screw Piles installed to 3.5m. 

Bespoke galvanised platforms were designed, manufactured, and installed by Red Leaf Group, with each 12m platform holding up to 10 tonnes of equipment.

Battery energy storage system | screw piles
BESS | Battery storage units on RADIX screw piles

Delivered in a turnkey solution and with the efficiency benefits of our screw pile foundations, Red Leaf Group completed the project in just seven days, cutting the project’s programme length by 60% compared to the carbon-heavy and weather-dependent alternative of concrete.

save time with screw piles for BESS

Please read our 100MW BESS Case Study.

Screw Piles for transformers

In addition to the various battery energy storage systems and solar arrays Red Leaf Group has delivered, their expert teams have completed the installation of specialist foundations on RADIX Screw Piles for a 60-tonne transformer, allowing for its connection within the tight programme of work.

Transformers | Energy Sector| Base frame and platform on screw pile foundations
BESS Projects in the UK | Transformer on screw pile foundations

We supplied the 15 RADIX PRO RF220 114mm Screw Piles that were specified for the project following load-testing and structural calculations, which Red Leaf Group installed without delay to provide robust foundations for the bespoke structural steel platform and transformer to be secured.

RADIX Screw Piles have allowed us to cut clients’ programme lengths by 60% in most cases and more in others, also avoiding costly delays due to temperamental weather conditions. It is clear that the industry recognises the significant impact using screw piles can have on their project delivery times and consequently how quickly they can start to see a return on their investment. We’re excited to be growing so quickly in the UK, and be expanding into new markets overseas.

Christian Alexander Operations Director, RADIX

As well as being an efficient foundation solution, our screw piles offer a low-carbon alternative to concrete, with less than 50% of the embodied carbon in steel screw piles compared to a comparable concrete base.

With 10% of the world’s carbon emissions coming from cement production, the RADIX screw pile range is saving more than time and money. They’re changing the foundations of construction and positively impacting our environment.

To start building your solar and renewable energy projects on sustainable foundations and cut your programme lengths by as much as 60%, please call our expert team at +44 (0)1382 819 458. 

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