Inverlonan Luxury Holiday Bothies

Inverlonan Bothies, Loch Nell

Supply and install ground screw foundations and structural timber ring beams for architecturally designed luxury bothies in the secluded wilderness of Scotland's west coast overlooking Loch Nell.

Bothy Stores

Loch Nell, Inverlonan, Oban

Luxury Bothy Holiday Accommodation

• Base System Design
• Ground Screw Installation

RADIX PRO 76mm Ground Screws
• Bespoke timber ring beams and fittings

Inverlonan Luxury Holiday Bothies Overview

Making a hard-to-access project accessible

The only access to the site's location is by boat, foot or off-road buggies, with the nearest parking approximately 1 km from the road to where the bothies would sit.

Ground conditions differed at each location, with strata encountered at varying depths.

Sensitivity was required to the surrounding environment to ensure no damage to the ancient oaks that provided shelter around the bothies. The precondition existed that any installation of foundations is removable, leaving no impact on the existing landscape.

Inverlonan Luxury Holiday Bothies Solution

A low-carbon, low-impact foundation solution

Our first visit in 2019 saw us complete works for two bothies, revisiting in late 2021 to install foundations for a third luxury bothy.

On each occasion, transporting materials and equipment to the site required multiple trips, using a small 4x4 quad bike and trailer.

Deploying our portable handheld turning machines, a full assortment of RADIX PRO RF140 76mm Ground Screws overcame the various ground conditions and levels. Bespoke fittings were also manufactured to secure the timber ring beams supplied and installed on the project.  

Practical on-site solutions and great teamwork ensured the project was achieved on schedule and without damaging the environment.

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