Log Cabin | Holiday Lodge on ground screw foundations

Screw Foundations and Subframe, Holiday Lodge, Scotland

We worked alongside the architect and project engineers, carrying out site surveys and the design of a robust ground screw foundation solution for a luxury holiday lodge, including fabricating bespoke fittings and a timber subframe.

Beech Joinery Ltd

West Linton, Scottish Borders

Foundations for a Log Cabin

Leisure & Tourism

holiday lodge plans and survey | ground screws


Strong and sustainable ground screw foundations for a luxury holiday lodge

The beautiful 80sq/m luxury holiday lodge in West Linton overlooks a stunning man-made pond. Due to the proximity of the pond and the height of the water table, ground screw foundations needed to be specified correctly to meet engineers’ specifications.

The cabin’s unorthodox wedge-shaped design meant working closely with the architect and engineers to align foundations accurately with the structural timber sub-frame, utilising bespoke structural brackets fabricated for the project to allow fine adjustment.

With timing being a factor, a two-phase installation schedule first produced the main base for the holiday cabin, followed by foundations for the extended decking and external hot tub areas.

ground screw testing | holiday lodge foundations


A turnkey foundation solution with bespoke timber frame

Site Survey & Load Testing

Compiling a full report, we attended the site to complete pre-installation surveys, including axial, lateral, and tensile load-testing, providing the empirical data required by the project engineers.

Ground Screw Installation

The project’s first phase to install ground screw foundations for the main holiday cabin was completed on schedule, fitting bespoke structural brackets to accurately align the cabin’s timber frame and allowing the build to progress without delay. Our installation teams used our ground screw machines to speed up the process.

The second phase involved revisiting the site to complete the installation. We used ground screws for decking foundations where a wood-burning hot tub would be placed.

A total of 66 RDX PRO RF140 76mm ground screws, 2050mm in length, support the beautiful holiday cabin and its surrounding decking and hot tub.