event stage foundations | ground screws

Temporary Foundations, Event Stage with Ground Screw Foundations, Edinburgh Zoo

A 30m long and 6.2m high freestanding plywood wall was to set the scene and background for a magical light display for Christmas at Edinburgh Zoo, 2020.

Big House Events

Edinburgh Zoo

Event Stage Foundations

Temporary Foundations

event stage plans | ground screw foundations


Strong, temporary event foundations

A short programme of work was required, with rapid installation and minimal disruption to business operations, and being mindful of the zoo’s animals so as not to cause any distress.

The location for the event stage was to be a children’s play park that would be closed throughout the works and event, and this would need to be returned to its former state once the event was complete.

event stage foundations | ground screws


A robust, temporary event stage foundation solution

Site Survey & Load Testing

The stage was to feature a solid 30m wide by 6.2m tall plywood wall, which would be affected by horizontal winds, which needed to be factored into the project.

A pre-installation site survey and ground tests were completed to check tensile load-bearing capacities to select the correct ground screws that would provide the required 14.7kN axial and 6kN lateral unfactored loads specified by project engineers.

Ground Screw Installation

Our RDX PRO 76x1550mm Ground Screws were deployed to provide the robust and level foundation that would support the freestanding wall, mounted with bespoke brackets and adapter plates specifically manufactured to anchor the stage frame securely to each ground screw.

Installation was completed swiftly on the morning of November 9, 2020, ready for Big House Events to install the event staging without delay.

Ground Screw Removal

On reaching the end of the seasonal event, the stage was disassembled by Big House Events, and we promptly removed the foundations on January 7, 2021, returning the ground and children’s play park back to their former condition.

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