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Foundations for Bridges, Footbridges, and Garden Bridges

Foundations for Bridges, Footbridges, and Garden Bridges

Depending on the design, size, and requirements, we can facilitate strong and secure bridge foundations on our screw piles or ground screws. From wooden garden bridges, pedestrian bridges, and footbridges to small canal bridges, RADIX screws can be used in various bridge foundation projects.

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Canal and river bridges | Foundations

Canal and river bridges

At RADIX, we hold the largest stock of screw piles in the UK and have installation teams nationwide ready to handle any canal bridge or other bridge construction projects that we receive.

Our team, machines, and products will deliver a solution for your canal bridge or any type of small bridge we are contracted to do the foundation work on.

Depending on the technical requirements, site conditions, and load capacity tests, our screw foundations with helical adaptors can carry serious loads and therefore do the foundations for larger bridges.​

Speak with us and we can evaluate your project.

Pedestrian bridges | Foundations

Footbridges and pedestrian bridges

Depending on your footbridge design and the requirements it has, we will design, plan, and install your bridge foundations, rapidly and at a cost-effective price. No matter the location or level of difficulty, we can help you.

We will work with your planners, engineers, and team members to streamline the most efficient and robust solution for your footbridge foundations. We will do the bridge foundations and others will take care of the bridge installations.

All types of pedestrian bridges have different requirements, but we are confident in providing the exact foundations they need.

Garden and pond bridges | Foundation solutions

Garden bridge and pond bridge

If you are looking to install a wooden garden bridge or a small pond bridge, our ground screws can easily be installed to provide a strong and secure foundation, at a cost-effective price.

Our installation teams can do the foundation work for you, or you can purchase our DIY ground screws and installation tools to do the work yourself.​

Depending on the garden bridge design and the load capacity of it, our team will direct you to the best type of ground screw for your needs. We’ll look at your garden bridge design plans and tailor the best solution for your bridge foundations, install them, and let the next team do the actual bridge installation.

An all-in-one service for your bridge foundations

Ground screws and screw piles | Load testing equipment

Site Surveys & Load Testing

We can provide the empirical data on which ground screws and screw piles are specified for your project.

Ground screws and screw piles | Project design and planning

Project Design & Planning

Our experienced team can help design the foundations and structural base to meet your project specifications.

Screw foundations | Professional installation | RADIX

Professional Installations

Our experienced installation teams are ready to help you with any type of project, anywhere in the

Transport bridges | Helical screw pile foundations

Case Study

Gifford Bridge, Birmingham

RADIX was approached to deliver a bespoke screw pile foundation solution for a complex project in the heart of Birmingham that would replace an existing bridge and facilitate the construction of a new innovative, waste-to-energy processing plant.

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