load-testing ground screw piles

Site Surveys and Load Testing
Providing the empirical data for your projects

At RADIX, we support our clients in all stages of their projects, from planning and design to manufacturing and deployment. We can carry out site-specific ground tests for projects across the UK and Ireland to provide the empirical data needed to support your project.

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site survey for ground screw piles survey and horizontal load testing ground screw piles

Testing Capabilities
Our specialist teams can support you during and ahead of planning applications.

By attending and completing site investigations and site-specific ground tests, we can provide the empirical data to determine the ground screw specifications and confirm load-bearing capacities to meet project requirements.

Ground screws can be tested on-site for compression, vertical uplift, and horizontal load-bearing capacities to engineers' specifications and to EN 1997-1 (EC7), deploying ground screws of various diameters and lengths specific to project requirements.

At RADIX, our technicians carry out tests using our range of precise site testing equipment.

Site-specific tests include recording load-bearing values while carefully taking measurements of the fluctuation in the ground screw. Values are transferred to a digital graph for reference, delivered within a comprehensive report outlining typical ground conditions and highlighting any issues to report for subsequent sign-off by the project engineer.

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