New DIY Ground Screws for Garden Projects

We are delighted to be extending our ground screws product range to meet the needs of the DIY market.

In partnership with Europe’s largest manufacturer of ground screws, BAYO•S, who bring 15 years of experience to the table, our new DIY Ground Screw range is set to transform how homeowners and small businesses get their garden projects off the ground.

Whether a garden shed, decking or playground equipment, the new, extendable self-install ground screws provide an affordable, low-carbon alternative to traditional concrete foundations. Eliminating the need for concrete, the ground screws provide instant, low-carbon foundations which can be built upon in minutes instead of hours or days. 

In addition to the ground screws, extensions and fittings, the DIY range includes several self-installation tools, including the PRO Spanner Kit and electric-powered Gearbox 1:20 Kit.

Jiří Houžvík, Statutory Director of BAYO.S, believes the UK is perfectly suited to ground screws and could benefit greatly from their presence in the marketplace.

Because of our expe­ri­ence, we know the mar­ket extreme­ly well. When it comes to DIY, peo­ple love new tech­nol­o­gy but, more than any­thing, they love to save on time, labour and mon­ey. Soci­ety is also becom­ing more envi­ron­men­tal­ly aware – why go to the trou­ble of dig­ging, dis­pos­ing of the mess and shov­el­ling cement or con­crete into a hole when you can install a low-car­bon solu­tion that can be built on imme­di­ate­ly? Once you’ve used ground screws, you nev­er look back — it’s so easy to mea­sure their suc­cess and real­ly see a return regard­less of how ambi­tious or tricky your project is. As a coun­try, the UK is per­fect for ground screw instal­la­tions. Yes, the UK expe­ri­ences frozen ground and snow­fall but not cre­at­ing frozen depth as you see in, say, Cana­da, mean­ing you’re not fight­ing against the frozen ground when you put the screws into the ground.

— Jiří Houžvík

Welcoming the partnership, Callum Milne, Managing Director of RADIX added, “We advocate for collaboration and pride ourselves on working with the right partners to ensure that we can provide high-quality, low-carbon solutions which make a positive impact on our environment.”

“We are particularly excited to be teaming up with BAYO•S who have unrivalled experience in all elements of ground screw foundations. The DIY range is a fantastic addition to our product portfolio and means that private individuals and the trades can tap in their dimensions and order the right amount of ground screws for their project. Of course, we’re also with our customers every step of the way and here to provide any additional technical advice or design and manufacturing expertise to help bring their project to fruition.”

Based in the Czech Republic, BAYO•S currently exports to Scandinavia and Holland. By working exclusively with RADIX for the UK market, Jiří believes the collaboration brings value to all concerned, not just the end customer.

He continued, “We are export-orientated and always looking for new partners in different locations. Every company has a different request for the product, different soil conditions, a different style of building so we are delighted and excited to be working with a company of RADIX’ calibre to really add value within the UK market. Callum and his team are the right match for us - they really understand the product and the processes and we’re excited to explore the wider potential of our collaboration.”

To view the DIY range, please visit BAYO•S DIY Ground Screws at