25 Jul 2022

New High-Capacity Screw Pile Testing Equipment

Continuing with our mission to promote and support the installation of low-carbon, low-impact screw pile foundations, we are delighted to introduce our new high-capacity 120kN Tensile Test Kit and 150kN Compression Test Kit.

screw pile compression testing

Tensile testing to 120kN

Our new hydraulic tensile test kit allows you to accurately measure site-specific ground conditions to understand the potential uplift forces and load-bearing capacities of screw piles. Tensile support is critical to projects where the wind is a factor, such as ground-mounted solar arrays.

The 120kN Tensile Test Kit determines site-specific tensile resistance of screw piles according to BS EN 1997-1:2004 (EC 7.7), up to 120kN per screw pile. Using this equipment and recorded tensile values, you can derive the load-bearing compression capacities for screw piles.

Supplied as a complete package, the 120kN Tensile Test Kit equips you with everything you need to begin gathering the empirical data for your projects.

At RADIX, we also developed a 60kN Tripod Tensile Test Kit that offers a more portable option for smaller, off-grid projects.

120kN screw pile test kit

Compression testing screw piles to 150kN

Now our highest capacity test kit, the combination of a powerful hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic hand pump and robust support beams deliver up to 150kN of force for testing screw piles, accurately measuring site-specific compression resistance values to determine load-bearing capacities according to BS EN 1997-1:2004 (EC 7.7).

The 150kN Compression Test Kit is supplied as a complete package, delivering the capabilities for you and your team to test screw piles to higher capacities.

You can watch the 150kN Compression Test Kit in action in our installation video below.

Installing ground screws with our hydraulic installation crawler rig, REX

Sharing our experience to help build a sustainable future

At RADIX, we support our customers beyond any sale, and we can arrange training on request at RADIX HQ to walk you and your team through the operation and best practices of using your new test equipment.

We also stock and supply all components of our testing and installation kits in case extras or replacements are required.

Do you need support with testing a site or the installation of screw piles?

Our install division has teams tactfully located across the UK and Ireland, equipped with the right tools and expertise to gather the empirical data required for your projects and carry out installations of all scales.

If you require the support to get your project off the ground, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.