12 Oct 2021

A Ground Screw Anchor that’s perfect for small and large structures

Ground Screw Anchors and Adapter Versatility

At RADIX, our 76mm ground screw anchors prove that size doesn’t matter!

Our most compact professional ground screws show how capable they are by supporting countless lightweight timber and steel construction projects across the UK, from garden rooms and holiday accommodation to solar farms, BESS, SIP buildings, and more.

The capabilities and versatility of the RF140 extend further when accompanied by our 220x8mm Flange Adapter to provide a robust and adaptable foundation solution. The advantages of ground screws and screw piles will benefit your project in many ways, but if you are unsure, just speak with us directly.

Ground Screw Anchor | UK

A Dynamic Ground Screw Anchor, which is Perfect for DIY Projects as well as larger structures

Self-install or use our experienced ground screw Installation teams

At RADIX, we supply our RDX PRO RF140mm M16 76mm ground screw anchors in lengths of 800mm, 1050mm, 1250mm, 1550mm, and 2050mm, each capable of delivering load-bearing capacities between 13.5kN – 45kN. Look at our entire range of ground screw foundation solutions.

A beautifully simple solution, the 220x8mm Flange Adapter delivers additional strength and versatility through a plate that quickly secures to the RF140 ground screw anchors via its central M16 fixing.

Together, the RF140 and 220×8 Flange Adapter offer:

  • An increased landing area of 140>220mm, whenever you need it
  • A fitting that can be quickly rotated into position during its installation to suit your project, providing additional bracket and fitting points
  • The ability to quickly and easily level any single screw with the placement of a shim between the 140mm flange and 220mm adapter

At RADIX, we supply a wide range of universal brackets and fittings for our ground screw anchors that meet a wide variety of applications. If you require a more bespoke fitting, our product design team can work with you to produce any pattern you need.

The benefits of this ground screw anchoring solution and adapter combination don’t stop at installation.

A time and cost-saving ground screw solution

RDX PRO RF140 ground screws are cheaper than the RF200 range, meaning that you can save money and offer an even more cost-effective foundation solution for your projects. We won’t even get started on the cost of concrete! Have a look at ground screws vs. concrete, and learn more about the benefits of switching to sustainable foundations. If you require technical information and proof why we think our ground screws are the best in the UK, we can provide you with the data.

With a smaller flange, RDX PRO RF140 ground anchors are easier to store and transport than other ranges of ground screws with larger flanges—a measurable difference of 130xRF140’s per stillage versus 88x RF200’s. And any savings on delivery costs are passed directly to our customers.

With RF140 ground anchors not being as bulky, they are also easier to transport to jobs and onto project sites, making hard-to-access and off-grid areas more accessible with RF140 ground screws.

  • A more cost-effective and flexible solution than the larger 200mm flange
  • Larger quantities of the RDX PRO RF140 range can be stored and transported, with 130x RF140’s per stillage versus 88xRF200’s
  • It is easier to transport screws to jobs and onto sites, even in hard-to-access areas

While we continue to supply our dedicated RDX PRO RF200 ground screws, suitable for large commercial projects, our RDX PRO RF140 ground screws and 220x8mm flange adapter are a versatile combination to keep in your toolbox.

If you would like to take stock of this dynamic ground screw foundation solution, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help. We are the UK’s largest supplier of ground screw and screw pile foundations, and we can also fit you out with ground screw machines, or start you off with a ground screw starter kit