16 Dec 2021

Buy Ground Screws that can extend to suit all types of structures and soil conditions

Extending our range of sustainable ground screw foundations

At RADIX, we are proud to launch a new range of extendable ground screws, the RDX EXT 76mm Screw Pile.

Our adaptable ground screw system lets you install foundations to the required depths to achieve maximum load-bearing capacity while causing minimal damage to the environment.

With its ground screw tips available in 1250mm, 1550mm, and 2050mm lengths and extensions between 500mm and 2000mm, the RDX EXT 76mm ground screws are perfect for overcoming areas of soft ground and bringing up levels on projects over sloping land.

Ground Screws | 76mm extendable Screw | UK Ground Screw Company

The RDX EXT 76MM Flange is extremely flexible, incorporating an M16 captive nut and offering an abundance of surrounding attachment points, securely anchoring projects of infinite application.

Ground Screw | 76mm extendable ground screws | UK and Europe

RDX EXT 76mm ground screws, extensions, and flanges all go through a hot-dip galvanising process according to DIN EN ISO 1461, providing long-lasting protection and increased life expectancy. Have a look at our wide range of ground screw and screw pile foundations, contact us, and get a quote for your next project. Be assured that you are buying quality ground screws and piles. Our technical information page shows you the process we put all our screws through, to assure the highest quality, strength, and longevity. Buy ground screws today, contact us.

We’re delighted to be introducing this new 76mm extendable ground screw into our full range of sustainable foundations, allowing us to continue to satisfy our customers’ growing project requirements. Complimenting our range of 76mm fixed-flange ground screws, the RDX EXT 76mm offers a cost-effective foundation solution to overcome areas of soft and sloping ground. At RADIX, we are already observing the practical application of extendable ground screws across residential and hospitality and leisure sectors, supporting buildings from garden offices to holiday lodges, however, the application of ground screw foundations is truly limitless.

Callum Milne | RADIX Director Callum Milne Managing Director, RADIX