bespoke base systems and ground screw fittings

Bespoke Base Systems
Custom fittings and structural bases for all applications

At RADIX, we can design, manufacture and install bespoke fittings and structural steel platforms to meet your project requirements. Collaboration, creative thinking, and skilled craftsmanship will provide the foundations for your next build.

Our efficient and low-carbon solutions can be complete in construction or modular by design, depending on your application.

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bespoke base systems and fittings bespoke steel frame for battery storage transformer

Design & Manufacturing
Robust structural platforms designed for efficiency

Our team can deliver a complete structural base system to overcome any challenges in your project, such as accessing off-grid areas, building on sloping, uneven, or soft ground, or installing in any weather to avoid costly delays and hold-ups.

Installing your project on our helical screw pile foundations is the most efficient and sustainable way to get your project off the ground, and our ability to design and manufacture bespoke brackets and fittings means we can support projects of infinite applications.

All RADIX Screw Piles, bespoke fittings and structural platforms are manufactured in BBA-certified workshops under EN ISO 9001:2015 and galvanised according to BS EN ISO 1461:2009 for increased durability and protection against the elements.

Please see below for some of the bespoke fittings and base systems we have created with our clients and partners, and please get in touch if we can help get your project off the ground your project.