bespoke base systems and ground screw fittings

Base System Design
Bespoke precision structural steel bases for all applications.

At RADIX, we design and manufacture precision structural steel bases for a range of applications for our clients. Collaboration, creative thinking, and skilled craftmanship provide the foundations for your next build.

Our low-carbon solutions can be joined in construction or modular by design depending on your application.

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ground screw brackets and fittings

Ground screw fittings
Designing low-carbon base systems

Whether you're looking to develop a new structural base for use with our ground screw foundations or as a standalone solution, we can design and manufacture cost-effective, low-carbon base systems to meet your project requirements.

Like our ground screw foundations, we can produce base systems to overcome any challenges your project faces, such as accessing off-grid areas, building on sloping, uneven, or soft ground, or installing in any weather, avoiding costly delays and hold-ups.

Our base systems are the smart and efficient way to get your project off the ground.

At RADIX, our commitment to quality is evidenced by our BBA-certified Factory Production Control and Welding Quality Management System, which allows us to CE mark structural steel components to EXC3 in accordance with EN 1090.