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Base Stations
Utility Base Stations

Base Stations are being deployed with an expanding array of devices to serve an infinite number of applications and sectors across the world.

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Infinite Applications
Introducing new levels of connectivity and productivity through smart technology

Engineered to retrofit existing structures or to be deployed as an off-grid mast on ground screw foundations, Base Stations are quickly deployable, readily scalable and easily maintained, all without damage to the environment.

Powered through AC or onboard solar panels and wind turbines, Base Stations can be installed to serve urban and rural areas sustainably, making communities more connected, streamlining business operations, and offering a new way to provide communications and services across all areas.

  • Communication masts
  • CCTV security
  • LED Lighting
  • Media and event displays
  • Private LAN or WAN
  • Roadside signage
  • And much, much more

The applications for urban and off-grid Base Stations are limitless.

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