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RADIX Base Stations | Leading Edge collaboration

RADIX Base Stations

At RADIX, we have collaborated with our partners to introduce Base Stations, communications masts that connect even the most rural communities with Relay Wireless Broadband, and streamline farming operations with LoRaWAN & IoT technologies.

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Base Stations can be deployed anywhere, retrofitting devices to existing structures in urban environments to installing an entire off-grid network on our professional ground screw foundations in the most rural locations.

As well as the capabilities of providing Relay Wireless Broadband to rural businesses and homes, LoRaWAN Base Stations can be set up to with devices and sensors to monitor and manage an infinite number of applications.

LoRaWAN agritech | RADIX

Infinite applications for a more connected future

The opportunities to connect rural communities, streamline operations and increase productivity are endless, with a system that can scale with community and business needs.

  • Easy to install and scale
  • Economical with low running costs
  • Increase efficiency in monitoring and tracking
  • Automate processing data and reduce paperwork
  • Manage operations on-site and remotely
  • Securely encrypted communications
  • Helping to connect rural areas

Connecting rural communities and helping farmers save time and work more efficiently.

LoRaWAN IOT technology | RADIX base station

Efficiency and sustainability delivered in a bespoke, turnkey solution

We work with our trusted partners to deliver a complete end-to-end service that you can rely on.

  • Consultation & Design
    Our team of engineers and technicians will work with you to fully understand your business and its operations and define your Base Station requirements before working on a robust plan.
  • Build & Deployment
    With your specification agreed, we build each Base Station in our state-of-the-art facilities, with each device and powering module connected and fully tested. Following the deployment plan for your project, Base Stations are installed rapidly on ground screw foundations, with minimal damage to the environment or disruption to your business.
  • Maintenance & Support
    Base Stations are engineered to be easily installed and maintained, with their innovative hinge and winch system and secure remote access. Support and maintenance include remote VPN access, performance monitoring, alerting and OTA software updates.

From the design of your Base Station to its assembly, deployment, and any ongoing maintenance, we’re with you every step of the way.