Hydraulic screw pile installation machines
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The installation machines driving in our efficient, low-carbon screw pile foundations

At RADIX, with our team's expertise and industry-leading hydraulic installation machines, we can accommodate projects across all sectors, including solar and battery storage systems, new build eco-homes and house extensions, log cabins, event structures, bridges, temporary works, and more.

Our hydraulic installation machines balance agility, speed, and power, delivering up to 25,000Nm of torque, installing in excess of 100 screw piles per day, and achieving projects in various challenging locations and ground conditions, all year round and in any weather.

Having successfully installed and tested to depths exceeding 16m and 200kN per helical screw pile, RADIX is the name you can trust to deliver the efficient, low-carbon foundation solution that saves time, reduces costs, and minimises environmental impact.

Learn more about our fleet of powerful hydraulic crawler rigs and auger drives that enable us to install our helical screw piles to the required depths and achieve the load-bearing capacities to support your projects.

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Hydraulic screw pile installation machine rex

Hydraulic Crawler Rig “REX”

Equipped with a side-mount mast and dual-speed drive head, REX is a hydraulic crawler rig that provides our installation teams with up to 6,500Nm of torque, with a capacity to install in excess of 100 screw piles per day.

Built for agility and speed, REX is powered by the 35.5kW YANMAR engine and can manoeuvre across all sorts of challenging locations on rubber tracks to provide stability while minimising damage to land during installations. REX’s self-levelling mast provides additional efficiency, while the Deep Sea control unit provides live installation feedback to monitor speeds and torque output.


  • 6,500Nm of torque with dual-speed drive
  • Side-mounted mast for maximum versatility
  • Self-levelling mast for increased efficiency
  • Live installation feedback for data logging

REX excels at supporting all scales of solar energy projects, where the combination of the side-mount self-levelling mast and dual-speed drive allows for the accurate and rapid installation of screw piles.

Hydraulic screw pile installation machine dug

Hydraulic Crawler Rig “DUG”

DUG is our larger hydraulic installation crawler rig, powered by a 35.5kW YANMAR engine and equipped with a front-facing drive mast that delivers an output of 12,000Nm of torque. This combination allows for the efficient installation of our larger diameter helical screw piles to depths exceeding 10m in suitable ground conditions.

With large caterpillar rubber tracks, DUG can tackle the most difficult terrain with minimal impact and maximised stability, capable of installing screw pile foundations in areas of challenging ground without the need for extensive piling mats.


  • 12,000Nm of torque for larger capacity installations
  • Live installation feedback for data logging
  • 1,500Nm Independent rotary drill head

DUG supports our screw piling teams in achieving the depths and load-bearing capacities required to support larger developments across all sectors, including leisure and tourism, residential builds, and renewable energy.

Hydraulic screw pile installation auger drives

Auger Drives

We use Auger Drives to provide increased capacity of torque ranging between 10,000 and 25,000Nm to achieve our most demanding projects, with their increased power ensuring our helical screw piles are installed to the greater depths to achieve maximum load-bearing capacities.

Auger Drives also deliver an agile installation solution attached to our fleet of bobcats and diggers. We can deploy smaller machines in areas with limited or challenging access or bigger machines when tackling projects of greater scales.


  • Up to 25,000Nm to achieve greater capacity
  • Offers maximum flexibility on-site
  • Wireless touchscreen display for alignment monitoring and data logging

Our specialist screw piling team have installed foundations to depths exceeding 16m and 200kN per screw pile for a range of projects in the renewable energy, transport and infrastructure sectors, including battery energy storage systems (BESS), substations, and transportation bridges.

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