Supply Chain

At RADIX, we know we are part of something much bigger.

Through our collaborative approach and working in partnership with our supply chain, we can deliver our effective, low-carbon solutions and lead the way in sustainable construction that improves our environment.

Innovation through collaboration

We work across the entire lifecycle of our products, from learning about our clients’ requirements right through to the research, design, manufacturing and deployment of our low-carbon solutions. We pride ourselves in delivering this through a collaborative approach with our supply chain.

It is through the invaluable partnerships we have formed with local and national organisations and specialists that enable us to deliver our solutions and meet our client expectations.

We are always seeking to build long-term relationships, to share our experience and expand on what we can achieve together to improve the world.

If you or your organisation could bring a fresh perspective and new level of expertise to the mix, then we would like to work on some groundbreaking projects together.

Get in touch below or email us at [email protected].