ground mounted solar panel racking system

Solar Foundations
RADIX SolarTripod Racking System

The RADIX SolarTripod is a single-panel racking system that allows you to utilise small and hard-to-access areas while maximising the potential use of space with portrait-orientated PV solar modules. With an integrated adjustable support and rail system, your solar array can be positioned precisely with tilt angles between 15 and 30 degrees.

Constructed from aluminium and stainless steel components, the RADIX SolarTripod offers a robust and durable solution to secure your ground-mounted solar project.

RADIX Solar Tripod Screw Pile Solar Foundations v1a

Efficient Foundations

The SolarTripod racking system mounts securely to our low-carbon, low-impact screw piles foundations, allowing projects to get off the ground without delay.

RADIX Solar Tripod Adjustable Support Rail v1a

Precise Adjustment

Utilising flexible supports, your solar array can be positioned with tilt angles between 15 and 30 degrees.

RADIX Solar Tripod Secure Fixings v1a

Secure Fixings

Using a patented clamp design to offer a simple, easy and robust fixing to secure PV modules of all sizes.