solar panels mounted on ground screws

Solar Foundations
Secure your solar investment with efficient and effective screw pile foundations and racking systems

At RADIX, we offer a complete foundation and racking solution to help your solar projects run as smoothly as possible.

Our dedicated install teams can plan, survey and install screw pile foundations and racking systems for all scales of solar projects across the UK and Ireland, any time of the year and in any weather, so you can be confident you get the right solution for even the most time-critical projects.

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Screw Piles vs Traditional Piles for Solar Foundations Solar Foundations Wind v1a

Screw Pile Solar Foundations
Robust, reliable and low-carbon foundations for solar arrays.

One of the significant strengths of screw piles over traditional piles for solar foundations is the increased uplift forces they can support.

As illustrated below, the continuous helix of our screw piles creates greater friction underground than a traditional pile, making it capable of supporting more significant loads and uplift forces and the best foundation solution for ground-mounted PV solar, especially for projects in wind-exposed areas.

Having installed thousands of screw piles for solar and renewable energy projects across the UK and Ireland, we have the experience and knowledge to deploy robust and sustainable foundations that can withstand the most challenging conditions.

During the design process for your foundations, we will fully consider your site’s location, the land’s topography, and prevailing wind directions, ensuring your investment is protected against the forces your solar panels will experience.