Transportation and infrastructure screw pile foundations

Transport & Infrastructure

RADIX Screw Piles deliver efficient, sustainable foundations for bridges and walkways, roadside and railway structures, signage, temporary structures, and more, with minimal impact or disruption to commuters and surrounding businesses.

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Pedestrian Bridge in Chester Farm Estate 7

Delivering efficiency and cost savings
Supporting projects with minimal damage or disruption

One of the significant benefits of RADIX Screw Piles is their ability to be installed rapidly without extensive excavations and expensive removal of spoils from the site, or waiting on concrete curing, minimising the impact on commuters, the local community and surrounding businesses.

  • Minimise closure times and disruption in the community
  • Reduce noise and vibration levels disturbing local residents
  • Secure temporary site offices and storage, with screw piles removed as easily as they are installed
  • Overcome areas of soft and sloping ground in remote or hard-to-access areas
  • Avoid costly delays due to bad weather and install any time of the year

We can readily provide you with structural analysis reports and, if required, carry out site surveys and load testing for any project.

RADIX Professional Ground Screws

RADIX Extendable Screw Piles

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Making more projects possible

Overcoming challenging conditions with industry-leading equipment

Our powerful but agile hydraulic installation machines can manoeuvre and operate around challenging locations while delivering 20,000 Nm of torque to ensure RADIX Screw Piles are installed to load-bearing depths in even the most demanding conditions, including cold winters and frozen, hard-packed ground.

By removing the need for time-consuming groundwork and the risk of costly delays due to unpredictable weather, you can be confident in delivering your programme to schedule.

Explore our case studies to see the cost, time, and environmental savings RADIX Screw Piles could deliver on your next project.

Case Studies

Pedestrian Bridge in Chester Farm Estate 5 RADIX Extendable Screw Piles for Site Structures

Delivering the foundations for transportation structures

RADIX Screw Piles are capable of supporting all buildings and structures in the transport and infrastructure sector with minimal impact on commuters or our environment.

  • bridge foundationsBridges, walkways, stairways, and overhead passes
  • road signage foundationsSignage, roadside barriers, traffic lights, and speed indicators
  • bus shelter foundationsBus shelters, seating, terminals, information points, and bicycle storage
  • security iconSecurity gates, perimeter fencing, lighting, and CCTV

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